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2020 Newsletters
July 2020 Building a Clean and Resilient Electrical Grid
June 2020 What is the future of public transportation?
May 2020 Phasing out Oil & Gas Production in California
Apr 2020 Introducing a New AmeriCorps Program
Apr 2020 Building a Sustainable Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain
Mar 2020 Thoughts on COVID-19 and Our National Response
Feb 2020 Upcoming Events at CLEE
Jan 2020 Spotlight on Legal Planet
2019 Newsletters
Dec 2019 California Climate Risk: Insurance-Based Approaches to Mitigation and Resilience
Nov 2019 Governing Science at Sea
Oct 2019 Increasing Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing
Oct 2019 Join Us for Upcoming Environmental & Energy Events
Sept 2019 UC Berkeley, former Gov. Jerry Brown partner with China to spur climate action 
Sept 2019 Will you help scale climate solutions? 
Aug 2019 Ken Alex joins CLEE to launch Project Climate 
July 2019 National Oil Companies in the Spotlight
July 2019 A Look at Berkeley Law’s Environmental Law Clinic
June 2019 Incentivizing Groundwater Recharge: A Berkeley Law Symposium
June 2019 Golden State Climate Warriors
May 2019 Celebrating our Environmental and Energy Law Students
May 2019 Join Us for Upcoming Environmental & Energy Events
Apr 2019 A Critical Look at Local Land Use Entitlements
Mar 2019 Join us for Big Give 2019
Mar 2019 Increasing Energy Savings in Low-Income Housing
Feb 2019 Welcoming Former Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones to CLEE
Jan 2019 Key Recommendations for Governor Newsom
Jan 2019 Join us for upcoming E&E events
2018 Newsletters
Dec 2018 The oceans: assessing the future & recruiting a research fellow
Nov 2018 A New Solar Landscape
Oct 2018 Webinar – VMT Mitigation and Implementing SB 743
Sept 2018 Is groundwater recharge a beneficial use?
Sept 2018 An essential week for advancing global climate policies
July 2018 New ways to accelerate groundwater recharge
June 2018 Can consolidation help provide clean water to disadvantaged communities?
May 2018 Our interconnected water systems
April 2018 A freight system for California’s future
Mar 2018 Is CEQA to blame for our housing crisis?
Mar 2018 Scheiber Lecture: What Lies Ahead for the Ocean?
Mar 2018 Big Give 2018
Feb 2018 Better water data for better water management
2017 Newsletters
Dec 2017 A forward look to the year ahead
Nov 2017 Safety culture and direct potable reuse
Sept 2017 How do we reduce climate risks to the ocean and coasts
Sept 2017 California Climate Programs Brought 41,000 Jobs to the Inland Empire
Aug 2017 Groundwater Markets Under SGMA: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls
July 2017 How do we realize an electric vehicle future?
June 2017 Q&A: What’s next post-Paris?
May 2017 We’re Hiring A Water Law & Policy Fellow
April 2017 Imagining a Modern Water Rights Database for California
Mar 2017 Infill Housing Can Help California Meet Climate Goals and Grow Local Economics
Mar 2017  Implementation Gap in Environmental Law | Improving Water Data
Feb 2017 Want to work on climate policy?
Jan 2017 The Economic Impacts of California’s Major Climate Programs on the San Joaquin Valley
2016 Newsletters
Dec 2016 Looking to 2017
Dec 2016 A new portal for California climate policy solutions
Nov 2016 The Berkeley Big Give
Nov 2016 A glance at upcoming events
Sept 2016 Finding least-conflict lands for solar PV in California’s San Joaquin Valley — and beyond
July 2016 How do we accelerate the pace of innovation in the urban water sector?
May  2016 Exploring citizen enforcement related to sewage spills in California
April 2016 To reach California’s energy efficiency goals, we need to be able to measure our savings
Mar 2016 California’s new agencies are critical for groundwater sustainability
2015 Newsletters
Dec 2015 December 2015: CLEE co-sponsors subnational climate agreement signing ceremony in Paris
Nov 2015 How well do California’s rail transit station neighborhoods create walkable, equitable, and thriving locales?