Policy Videos

Encouraging Infill and Transit-Oriented Development

Mott Smith, Principal of Civic Enterprise Associates and member of the California Infill Builders Association, discusses the importance of neighborhood design around transit stations.

Meea Kang, President of the California Infill Builders Association and Principal at Domus Development discusses best practices for local governments and infill development

Deploying Local Renewable Energy

Danny Kennedy, founder and CEO of Sungevity, discusses policies to encourage residential solar installations

Residential Energy Upgrades

Cisco DeVries, President of Renewable Funding, highlights policies to promote energy efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses

Financing and Improving Public Transit

Gloria Ohland, Policy and Communications Director for Move LA, describes innovative transit financing options 

Judi Masuda, Transportation Demand Programs Manager at the City of Santa Monica, explains how technology can improve public transit.

Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm, promotes local government policies to improve public transit.