Beyond the Beltway: A Report on State Energy and Climate Policies

February 2018

Federal policy receives the bulk of the nation’s attention to energy and climate matters, from President Obama’s Clean Power Plan to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. But much of our nation’s energy and climate policy is made by governors, state legislatures and agencies across the country. In our new report Beyond the Beltway, Professor Dan Farber conducts a state-by-state survey of energy and climate policies and politics, to understand where progress is being made and which states are falling behind.

Some of the results are predictable, but others are more surprising, like the foothold that renewables have gained in some conservative states. Providing insight into the range of factors – political, geographical, economic and more – that determine the immensely varied state energy and climate policies across the nation, Beyond the Beltway is an analysis of the state and regional efforts driving the nation’s energy and climate outlook.


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Beyond the Beltway: A Report on State Energy and Climate Policies (Feb 2018)


Dan Farber, Sho Sato Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment