Reversing Environmental Rollbacks

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CLEE’s rollbacks project is now featured in an interactive tracker on Grist. All future updates throughout 2022 will be displayed on Grist’s page.

Reversing the environmental rollbacks from the last four years will require sustained effort by federal agencies to engage in notice-and-comment rulemaking to repeal and, in many cases, replace regulations. However, there are a number of rollbacks that were carried out through executive order, agency guidance, and discretionary actions. These rollbacks can be swiftly reversed by President Biden and new heads of federal agencies. While a handful of these actions may be taken immediately through presidential executive order, many will have to be taken in the days and weeks following. We compiled this list of “Day Two” actions based on our comprehensive analysis of all environmental rollbacks during the Trump administration.

”S.C.” refers to method of reversal proposed by Sabin Center for Climate Change Law in its report, “Climate Reregulation in a Biden Administration”)

Total “Day Two” actions: 53

Reversals complete or in progress: 23 (last updated 2/26/21)