Gil Damon

Gil Damon

Methane Research Fellow, the Center for Law, Energy, & the Environment


Gil Damon designs strategies to tackle atmospheric super-pollutants with an emphasis on methane—a devastating greenhouse gas. He leads much of CLEE’s work on oil and gas, agricultural, and landfill emissions, building research teams that make climate actions achievable for policymakers and profitable for businesses. Gil advises governments through the Subnational Methane Action Initiative and is co-author of the oil and gas Methane Abatement Handbook for the US State and Commerce Departments.

Before joining CLEE, Gil analyzed space and environmental treaties as a graduate researcher for the UK’s national academy of sciences, the Royal Society. A Florida native, he has served his home state’s environmental agency as a Gubernatorial Fellow and as a riverboat tour captain at Wakulla Springs State Park, teaching passengers about alligators, manatees, and waterfowl. In college, he interned for NASA, the White House, and Florida lawmakers.

Gil holds an MPP from Cambridge, where he researched space and energy policy as a Gates Cambridge Scholar, and a B.S. from Florida State University in Psychology and Political Science. He is a trail runner, private pilot, and advocate for water quality in rural Florida.

MPP, Cambridge University, UK, Gates Cambridge Scholar

B.S., Psychology & Political Science, Florida State University, summa cum laude