California Victims of Crime Project

Untold Stories of California Crime Victims: Research and Recommendations on Repeat Victimization and Rebuilding Lives

The current dialogue about public safety is often framed around the systemic and societal responses to those who commit crime.  Topics of incarceration and recidivism dominate the public policy and media discourse. The goals of public safety, however, are equally dependent upon the response to those victimized – and revictimized – by crime and violence.

A growing body of research indicates that the strongest predictor of many forms of victimization is having previously been a victim of crime. This research also suggests that trauma-informed services and interventions have tremendous power to assist people traumatized by violence from engaging in violence or crime themselves later in life. As we strive to find ways to improve public safety, it is imperative that we also put the experience of this vulnerable population at the center of our inquiry. How can California crime victims, particularly those most vulnerable to repeat victimization and its impacts, effectively heal and rebuild their lives?

This report explores what we do and, importantly, do not know about repeat
victimization in California communities through the eyes and voices of
repeat victims themselves.

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