SIA Legal Team

The Self-Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team is a consortium of organizations using law and policy tools to ensure people throughout the U.S. can end their own pregnancies outside of the formal health system with dignity and safe from the threat of arrest for themselves or anyone who assists them.

What is Self-Induced Abortion?Primer on Self-Induced Abortions 2.23.16 v2 CROPPED

The right to abortion has been established and repeatedly upheld in constitutional and human rights law. For the right to be a meaningful reality for all people, there must be a range of safe, effective, affordable methods available for use in one’s preferred setting. While clinic-based abortions will continue to be an essential component of abortion care, some pregnant people will seek abortions outside of the formal health care system. The practice of self-administering pharmaceutical pills, traditional herbs, or other means of pregnancy termination is sometimes referred to as “self-induced abortion” and is the only available or acceptable method of abortion to growing numbers of people. Click here for detailed information.



Self-Induced Abortion: A Critical RJ Issue

For some pregnant people, self-determined abortion care is the only way available or acceptable method for ending a pregnancy. This infographic explains some of the obstacles and legal liability someone who uses self-induced abortion – and those who assist them – may face at each step along the way:

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Our Bold Strategies

In order to restore health autonomy and return control over the abortion experience to the pregnant person, we have an ambitious five-year plan to:
1. Improve Information Relay: Expand access to reliable information on how abortion pills can safely and effectively end a pregnancy outside of the formal health care system by identifying mechanisms for advocates to legally share this information.
2. Halt the Criminalization of Self-Induction: Develop new and innovative ways to use litigation and legislation to fight back against criminalization of self-induced abortion.
3. Support Self-Help Distribution: Develop cutting-edge theories, strategies, and other law and policy tools or improving self-help or community-based access to abortion medications.
4. Shift Culture: Engage our legal community on self-induced abortion and build a cadre of lawyers and scholars poised to fight for self-determined abortion care.

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Our Values

We believe:

  • No one should be arrested or jailed for ending their own pregnancy or for pregnancy loss.
  • Prosecutions for self-induced abortion unfairly impact people living in poverty, immigrants, people of color, and other marginalized communities.
  • The arrest of loved ones, counselors, and caregivers for assisting or supporting someone who self-induces an abortion isolates the pregnant person and limits their options.
  • Pregnant people and impacted communities must be at the center of the conversation on self-induced abortion, to ensure their needs are met.
  • Pregnant people should have access to the full panoply of abortion care options, which includes self-directed and provider-directed care.


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