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CRRJ’s strategic initiatives bring a scholarly perspective and academic resources to bear on complex, intractable issues related to the reproductive experiences of people living in poverty. In partnership with If/When/How, we aim to improve legal protections, public supports, and better conditions for Medicaid participants who have abortions, welfare cash aid recipients who bear children, and people who end their own pregnancies.

  1. Overturn Harris. v. McRae
    We generate fresh theories and scholarship to shift the legal discourse and transform constitutional analysis regarding the 1980 U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld the Hyde Amendment in order to restore public insurance coverage of abortion. See “A Travesty of Justice: Revisiting Harris v. McRae.
  2.  Abolish Welfare Family Caps Download PDF Bringing Families out of Captivity: the Path Toward Abolishing Welfare Family Caps
    We facilitate research and collaboration among advocates in various states to support the repeal of all remaining welfare family caps and reinstate cash-aid eligibility for newborns. See “Bringing Families out of ‘Cap’tivity: the Path Toward Abolishing Welfare Family Caps.
  3. Halt the Criminalization of Self-induced Abortion
    Along with the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic at CUNY School of Law, CRRJ provides theory development, scholarship, and academic support to the SIA Legal Team, which is transforming the legal landscape so that people who end their own pregnancies can do so with dignity and without punishment. See “And Damned if They Don’t: Prototype Theories to End Punitive Policies against Pregnant People Living in Poverty.”


Left to right: Prof. Kristin Luker, Prof. Melissa Murray, Mariko Miki, at 2015 Panel

Left to right: Prof. Kristin Luker, Prof. Melissa Murray, Mariko Miki, at 2015 Panel 



Available now – Online, searchable catalog of annotated resources illuminating the foundations and growing edges of the reproductive justice framework – enter here.


Periodic – CRRJ Faculty teach a variety of courses on relevant topics. Here are the Fall 2021 offerings taught by CRRJ’s faculty director, Prof. Khiara M. Bridges.

Bridges — Family Law
Monday 3:35-6:15 PM in 105 Law Building

Bridges — Reproductive Rights and Justice

Wednesday 3:35 PM – 5:25 PM in 111 Law Building


Available Now – First comprehensive legal text on reproductive rights law and justice issues, Cases on Reproductive Rights and Justice, can be used by instructors and students for classroom learning or independent study – click here to purchase. Written by Prof. Melissa Murray and Prof. Kristin Luker.  

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