About the Center


CRRJ seeks to realize reproductive rights and advance reproductive justice by influencing legal and social science discourse, furthering research and scholarship, and bolstering law and policy advocacy efforts.



CRRJ focuses its efforts on improving the reproductive experiences of those living in poverty through legal protections, improved policies, and public benefits. We’re currently focusing much of our efforts on welfare cash aid recipients who bear children, Medicaid beneficiaries who have abortions, and people who end their own pregnancies. Ultimately, we aim to:

  1. shift the legal discourse around public funding for abortion and prompt the Supreme Court to overturn damaging case law that upholds the Hyde Amendment;
  2. build multi-state coalitions of economic and reproductive justice advocates to generate data, arguments, and tactics to repeal all remaining welfare family caps; and
  3. conduct legal research and develop theories to expand access to and eliminate penalties for people who end their own pregnancies.