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Fully funding abortion is essential to making the abortion right a meaningful reality for people living in poverty. One Supreme Court case standing in the way is Harris v. McRae, which upheld as constitutionally valid the Hyde Amendment’s ban on use of federal Medicaid funds for nearly all abortions. Getting the Supreme Court to revisit and reverse its ruling in Harris v. McRae is the goal of one of CRRJ’s and If/When/How’s long-term strategic initiatives. Correcting the case law is an essential element of a multi-faceted strategy to restore and secure coverage of abortion in public insurance programs, which also includes research, movement building, and state and federal policy advocacy. Replacing this dangerous Supreme Court precedent with a case that declares abortion funding bans unconstitutional would secure abortion coverage in public insurance for the long haul, regardless of future shifts in the political balance of Congress and possible efforts to resurrect Hyde.

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Respondents to our survey about what to include in the first phase of the library indicated strong support for reports, fact sheets, and toolkits authored by reproductive justice organizations. The survey indicated that reproductive justice activists rely on these types of resources the most for information about the framework and the movement. With that in mind, we are featuring a terrific toolkit by Forward Together and Western States Center, We Are Brave: Race, Money, and Abortion Access. 

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The Reproductive Justice Virtual Library is an online, searchable catalog of annotated sources illuminating the foundations and growing edges of the reproductive justice framework. Read more about the library…

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Dr. Elena Gutiérrez has drawn on her own research and input from members of the reproductive justice community to carefully curate this collection of articles, reports, and other selections. Read more about Dr. Gutiérrez…

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The Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice (CRRJ pronounced “courage”) advances policy solutions by connecting people and ideas across the academic-advocate divide. Read more about our mission…

CRRJ owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Dr. Elena Gutiérrez for her vision and leadership in launching Phase 1 of the Reproductive Justice Virtual Library. Neither the results, nor the process, would have been the same without her unparalleled commitment.

Lead Annotators: Jessica Gutiérrez, Noemi Linares-Ramirez, Kathleen Messinger, Nina Metsovaara, and Sophia Zamudio-Haas.

Special thanks are also due to Nili Aleksandrovicz, Mariela Cisneros, Jessica Gutiérrez, Michaela Ferrari, Sophie Ha, Madeline Hale, Noemi Linares-Ramirez, Abbey Marr, Kathleen Messinger, Nina Metsovaara, and Melissa Trent.