Empirical Research Methods Workshops


In 2007 the Center for the Study of Law and Society launched the CSLS Miniseries on Empirical Research Methods.The series introduces Berkeley Law faculty, CSLS affiliated faculty & visiting scholars, and JSP & other graduate students interested in conducting empirical research on law to a wide range of empirical methods, both quantitative and qualitative.Workshops are led by leading experts on particular methodologies, including some of our own faculty.

Criminal Justice Data Analysis


Date: 02/19/2016
Duration: 02:23:42
Description: In Criminal Justice Data Analysis, Stephen Raphael, Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, discussed the major public access criminal justice databases used by researchers in the United States. In addition to the two major sources of crime data (data from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and the National Criminal Victimization Survey), he discussed other data sources that provide micro-level information on criminal procedure, including the State Court Processing Statistics, the periodic Survey of State and Federal Corrections Facilities, and the National Corrections Reporting Program.   The seminar highlighted innovative uses of these data products and discussed potential for future research.  It also touched upon the use of administrative data from criminal justice agencies in non-experimental and experimental research, and the potential for linking criminal justice information to data other administrative data sets such as vital statistics and employment data. Workshop materials: powerpoint slides.