CSLS Speaker Series

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Unless otherwise noted all talks are 12:45p-2:00p in the Philip Selznick Seminar Room at 2240 Piedmont Avenue. 


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Monday, January 22 – Terry Maroney, Professor of Law, Professor of Medicine, Health and Society, and 2017-19 Chancellor Faculty Fellow, Vanderbilt University.
“Judicial Emotion: Investigating Its Role in Behavior, Decision-Making, and That Mysterious Thing We Call Temperament” 
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View the Introduction to Professor Maroney’s paper here


Monday, January 29 – Kathryn Abrams, Herma Hill Kay Distinguished Professor of Law, U.C. Berkeley School of Law.
“Practices of Authorization: Storytelling, Performative Citizenship and Emotional Self-Regulation in the Undocumented Immigrants Movement” 
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View Chapter 2 of Professor Abrams’ paper here


Monday, February 5 – Daphna Hacker, Associate Professor, Tel Aviv University Law Faculty and Women and Gender Studies Program.
Legalized Families in the Era of Bordered Globalization (Cambridge University Press, 2017). Co-sponsored with the Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies. 
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View the Intro of Professor Hacker’s book here


Monday, February 12 – Vincent Chiao, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.
Criminal Law in the Age of the Administrative State
(Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018).
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View the Intro and Ch. 1 of Professor Chiao’s book here. 


Monday, February 26 – Robert J. MacCoun, James and Patricia Kowal Professor of Law, Stanford University. 
“Rapidly Changing Standards and Practices in Empirical Social Science: What Does It Mean for Empirical Legal Studies?”
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View a recent relevant paper by Professor MacCoun and Saul Perlmutter here.


Monday, March 5 – Ron Harris, Professor of Legal History and former Dean, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. 
The Birth of the Business Corporation East and West: Eurasian Trade Institutions and their Migration, 1400–1700 (forthcoming, Princeton University Press)
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Monday, March 12 – Shaina Potts, Assistant Professor of Geography and of Global Studies, UCLA. 
“The Politics of the ‘Private’: U.S. Law and the Judicialization of Sovereign Debt Relations”
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View Professor Potts’ paper here


Monday, March 19 – Osagie Obasogie, Haas Distinguished Chair and Professor of Bioethics, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
“Police Violence and Public Health”  
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Professor Obasogie’s paper with co-author Zachary Newman (American Journal of Law & Medicine, 43 (2017): 279-295) is linked here and available in hard copy at the Center.


Monday, April 2 – Reuel Schiller, The Honorable Roger J. Traynor Chair & Professor of Law, UC Hastings College of the Law.
“Regulation and the Collapse of the New Deal Order or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Market”
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Monday, April 9 – John Hagan, John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology and Law, Northwestern University; Research Professor and co-director, Center on Law & Globalization, American Bar Foundation.
“A Tale Half Told: Incarceration of Fathers, State Investment in Families, and the Educational Attainment of Children”
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Professor Hagan’s paper is available here


Monday, April 16 – Christopher Schmidt, Associate Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law and Research Professor, American Bar Foundation.  
The Sit-Ins: Protest and Legal Change in the Civil Rights Era
(University of Chicago Press, 2018).
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The Introduction and Chapter One of The Sit-Ins (University of Chicago Press, 2018) is available here


Monday, April 23 – Sandra Susan Smith, Professor of Sociology, U.C. Berkeley. 
“Rethinking the Relationship between Procedural Justice, Legal Cynicism, and Police Legitimacy: What We Can Learn from the Experiences of Individuals with Co-Occurring Disorders”
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