CSLS Speaker Series

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Unless otherwise noted all talks are 12:45p-2:00p in the Philip Selznick Seminar Room at 2240 Piedmont Avenue. 



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Monday, August 27 – Carroll Seron, Professor Emerita of Criminology, Law, and Society, U.C. Irvine. “Law Students’ Faustian Bargain with Debt: Findings from UCI Law’s  Natural Experiment with Tuition Remission”
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Monday, September 17 – Forrest Stuart, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago. “Code of the Tweet: Urban Violence and Criminal Justice Responses in the Social Media Age”


Monday, September 24 – Christopher Muller, Assistant Professor of Sociology, U.C. Berkeley. “Freedom and Convict Leasing in the Postbellum South”


Monday, October 1 –David Vogel, Solomon P. Lee Chair in Business Ethics and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, U.C. Berkeley. California Greenin’ – How the Golden State Became an Environmental Leader (Princeton University Press, 2018)


Monday, October 8 – Holly Brewer, Burke Chair of American History and Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Maryland. “’Most agreeable to the monarchy under which we live’: Slavery, Power, and the Restoration”


Monday, October 15 – Justin Driver, Professor of Law, University of Chicago. The Schoolhouse Gate: Public Education, the Supreme Court, and the Battle for the American Mind (Pantheon, 2018)


Monday, October 22 – Celeste Arrington, Korea Foundation Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University. “Rights Refracted: Disability Rights Diffusion and Evolving Legal Opportunity Structures in South Korea and Japan”


Monday, October 29 – Constance Backhouse, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Professor, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. “Lessons from Legal History for the #MeToo Movement”


Monday, November 5 – Phil Parvin, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Loughborough University, UK. “The Ethics of Political Lobbying: Power, Influence, and Democratic Decline”


Monday, November 19 – Cecilia Menjivar, Dorothy L. Meier Chair in Social Equities, Department of Sociology, UCLA. “Transformative Effects of Immigration Law and Its Enforcement on Perceptions of the Self” Cosponsored with Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative


Monday, November 26 – Michael McCann, Gordon Hirabayashi Professor for the Advancement of Citizenship, University of Washington. “Rethinking ‘The Master’s Tools’ Thesis: The Third World Rights Consciousness of Filipino Labor Activists in the US Racial Capitalist Order”