Past BELS Fellows

The 2014-15 BELS Graduate Fellows

John Bliss    JSP The Divided Self: A Qualitative Study of Law School Socialization

Gabrielle Goldstein    Public Health Measuring Legal Risk Perception and Defensive Review: Survey of Institutional Review Board Members in the US

Alexandra Havrylyshyn    JSP Contesting the Status of Slavery in Early Canada

Hannah Lacqueur    JSP Constructing and Testing Theories of Personal Crime Rates

Robert Lee    History Louisiana Purchases: The US-Indian Treaty System in the Missouri River Valley, 1804-1851

Matty Lichtenstein    Sociology Contested Identities, Contested Rights: Education, Religion, and the Politics of Governance

Daniel Mattingly    Political Science Did Democratic Reforms Weaken the Rule of Law and Property Security in Rural China?

Kelsey Mayo    JSP Law and Institutional Competition in Charter School Authorization

Eugene McCarthy   Rhetoric The Corporate Person: Actor Network Theory and Corporate Law

Katherine Michel    Political Science Between Regimes: Constitutional Design in Transitional Groups


The 2013-14 BELS Graduate Fellows

Jason Ferguson   Sociology Regulating Sex: Mapping the Space of Laws in the Global Field of Power

Adam Hill   Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Microfoundations of Administrative Accountability: Information, Norms, and Enforcement

Mary Hoopes   Jurisprudence and Social Policy The Role of Organizations in the Emergence and Diffusion of Recent State Laws Regulating Immigration

Ryan Hubert   Political Science “Taking Law Seriously”: Statistical Text Analysis as a Way to Understand Judicial Behavior

Daniel Kluttz   Sociology Fracking and Fields: A Comparative Analysis of Fields in Times of Major Social Disruption

Nicole Lindahl   Jurisprudence and Social Policy Emotion Work on San Quentin’s Mainline

Peggy O’Donnell   History Where the Bodies are Buried: Forensic Experts and Human Rights Violations from the Katyn Forest to The Hague

Janna Rezaee   Political Science Presidential Review and Agency Rulemaking

Alisa Sanchez   Rhetoric The Preoccupation with Modernity in Columbia’s Abortion Laws, 1936-2006

Jacob Wegmann   City and Regional Planning “We Just Went Ahead and Built It”: Informality and the Housing Market in Southeast Los Angeles County

The 2012-13 BELS Graduate Fellows

Hillary Berk JSP
Contracts, Surrogacy, and Emotional Labor: How Law Matters When Managing Relationships

Jennifer Carlson Sociology
Prerogative Politics: Guns, Crime and the Problem of Policing

Veena Dubal JSP
Driving Broke: Taxis, Activism, and Transnational Politics in San Francisco

Bryn King Social Welfare
From Protection to Rejection: Race, Gender, and Experiences in Child Welfare as Risk Factors for Juvenile Justice Involvement

Margo Mahan Sociology
Victimized Victimizers?: Male Batterers and the State that Disciplines Them

Genevieve Painter JSP
Aboriginal Women’s Rights versus Self-governance in Canada: Rights as Ways of Knowing

Giuliana Perrone History
Unfinished Freedom: Slavery & Citizenship in Post-Emancipation Southern Courts, 1865-1896

Suzanne Scoggins Political Science
Policing China: Effective Policing Practices and Bureaucratic Fragmentation in the P.R.C.

Tamera Stover Sociology
Belonging and Boundaries: Immigrant Responses to Immigration Law and Institutions

Asrat Tesfayesus Economics
One Explanation for the Doha Round Stagnation


The 2011-2012 Bels Graduate Fellows

Jason Anastasopoulos   Political Science
Crime and Punishment? An Experimental Study on Ethnicity and Punitiveness        

Kevin Escudero    Ethnic Studies
Towards a Social Movement Approach: The Role of Law and Youth Political Activism in the Undocumented Student Movement

Trevor Gardner    Sociology
The Safest Place: Sanctuary Cities in the Era of Homeland Security

Satyel Larson    Rhetoric
Bearing Knowledge: Law, Reproduction and the Female Body in Modern Morocco, 1912-Present

Tal Niv   JSP 
Prominent Commenting Platforms and the Nurturing of Participatory Journalism

Marcel Paret    Sociology   
Legality and Migrant Labor in Comparative Historical Perspective: Class- Citizenship Dynamics in South Africa and the United States from World War II to the Present

James Philips    JSP   
Constitutionally Constraining Courts: A Comparative Empirical Analysis

Keramet Reiter    JSP  
The Most Restrictive Alternative: The Origins, Functions, Implications, and Control of the Supermax Prison, 1976-2010

Ashley Rubin    JSP 
Penal Cycles: American Punishment Since the Revolution

Pablo Rueda    JSP  
Indigenous Cosmopolitans: Oil, Law & Transnational Indigenous Mobilization

Sarah Tahamont    Public Policy     
The Effect of Security Classification on Prison Misconduct

Nicole Willcoxon    Political Science  
The Voting Rights Act, Electoral Institutions, and Voting Behavior: Minority Enfranchisement in Section 5 Covered and Non-covered Jurisdictions 

The 2010-2011 BELS Graduate Fellows

Mimi Kim, School of Social Welfare
“Contesting Feminisms: New Social Movement Challenges to Gender-Based and State Violence”

Gwendolyn Leachman, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“Legalizing Sexuality: Law and Dominance in the Politics of ‘Gay Rights'”

Larisa Mann, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“Copyright Law in Creative Practice in Jamaica”

Silvia Pasquetti, Department of Sociology
“Organized Refugees and Fragmented Citizens: A Comparative Ethnography of Urban Social Control across the Green Line”

Jamie Rowen, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“The Transitional Justice Social Movement”

Sarath Sanga, Department of Economics
“Racial Bias and Learning in Law Enforcement”

Douglas Spencer, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“Calculating Constitutions: An Economic Analysis of Constitutional Design”

Christina Stevens, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“Effects of a Colorblind Model of Diversity on Hiring Decisions”

Shauhin Talesh, Jurisprudence & Social Policy
“Manufacturing Consumer Protection Law: The Private Construction of Public Legal Rights”

A.B. Wilkinson, Department of History
“Mixed-Race Ideologies in the United States”

Abby Wood, Department of Political Science
“Who Guards the Guardians? Agency Accountability Mechanisms in the Fifty U.S. States”

The Inaugural Class of BELS Graduate Fellows 2009-2010

Faiz Ahmed, Department of History
“Rule of Law Projects in Afghanistan: The Nizamnama Codes of Shah Amanullah, 1919-1929”

Rachel Best, Department of Sociology
“Deserving Patients: Health Social Movements and Lawmakers’ Priority-Setting”

Angela Hill, Department of Rhetoric
“This Modern Day Slavery:  Sex Trafficking and Moral Panic in the United Kingdom”

Kimberly Alexa Koenig, Jurisprudence & Social Policy. Berkeley Law
“The Worst: An Analysis of Institutionalized Violence at Guantanamo”

Karin Martin, Goldman School of Public Policy
“From Neighborhoods to Judges: An Analysis of Crime Policy Preferences and Implementation”

Brent Nakamura, Jurisprudence & Social Policy, Berkeley Law
“The Lawyerization of Medicine”: An Empirical Inquiry into the Creation, Diffusion and Rise of the
 In-House Counsel in American Health Care”

Shaun Ossei-Owusu, Department of African American Studies
“Popular and Professional Legal Consciousness: An Intersectional Approach”

Timothy Rodriguez, Department of Anthropology
“Religious Conversions Among Urban Male Heroin Users”

Michael Salamone, Department of Political Science
“Judicial Dissent and Political Resistance”

Stephen Smith, Berkeley Law (JD) and Department of Sociology
“Hijacking Counterterrorism: National Laws and Political Repression in the Post-9/11 era”

Hilary Soderland, Berkeley Law (JD)
“America’s Cherished Reserves: the Enduring Significance of the 1916 National Park Organic Act”