Current BELS Fellows


Alexander Barnard, Sociology
“Coerce to Conserve: Constructing the Continuum of Constraint for the Severely Mentally Ill in California”

Gabriel Beringer, JSP
“Fettered Freedoms: Race, Agrarian Capitalism, and the Lost Promises of Radical Reconstruction”

Martin Eiermann,  Sociology
“The Genesis of a ‘Right to Privacy’: Codification and Genealogy in American Jurisprudence”

Katherine Hood, Sociology
“Pleading for Care: Adversarial Legalism and the Allocation of Drug Treatment in California’s Criminal Courts”

Kristine Kay,  Political Science
“The Consequences of a Census Citizenship Question for Latino Identification”

Elena Kempf,   History
“Unnecessary Cruelty: Weapons Prohibitions and the Law of Armed Conflict, 1868-Present”

Rhea Myerscough,   Political Science
“Risk, Race, and the Politics of Fringe Credit Regulation”

Deepak Premkumar, Agricultural & Resource Economics
“The Ferguson Effect: Do High-Profile Fatal Encounters with Police Lead to Reductions in Arresting Intensity?”

Alexander Roehrkasse, Sociology
“States of Disunion: American Marriage and Divorce, 1867–1906”

Abigail Stepnitz, JSP
“Narrating from the Bottom: A Comparative Analysis of the Construction and Assessment of Credibility in Asylum Claims in the UK and the USA”

Jay Varellas, Political Science
“State Courts, Corporate Power and Economic Inequality: A Comparative Study of Injury Litigation in Mid-Sized U.S. Cities”

Joseph Warren, Political Science
“Social Foundations of the Rule of Law”