Current BELS Fellows



Chase Burton    JSP
Republican Monsters: Criminology and Gothic Culture in the United States, 1780-1934

Jaclyn Chambers   Social Welfare
Assessing the Impact of Juvenile Justice Fee Reform

Anthony Gregory   History
New Deal War on Crime: Building Security State Liberalism

Christopher Herring   Sociology
Pervasive Penality: The Criminalization of Homelessness in San Francisco

Jae Yeon Kim    Political Science
Benevolent Racialization: How U.S. Government Policies Have Shaped the Growth of Panethnic Advocacy and Service Organizations among Asian and Latino Groups since the 1960s

Mark Leinauer   JSP   
Exploring Judicial Bias against Lesbian and Gay Male Parents in Adoption and Custody Proceedings

Andrew McCall    Political Science   
Reshaping the Shield: Specialized Police Units and Racial Disparity in Policing

Gil Rothschild Elyassi   JSP  
Decarcerated Penality: Probation and Demeanor Management in the Face of Legal Estrangement

Kristin Sangren   Anthropology
Conceptions of Law, Justice, and Social Morality in a Chinese City

Caleb Scoville    Sociology   
Resuscitating Nature: Science, Law, and the Morality of Endangered Species Conservation in California

Elaine Sedenberg   School of Information     
Study of Private Sector Research and Data Sharing Practices

Desiree Valadares   Environmental Design – Architecture  
Remembering in the Absence of Memory: North American Truth Commissions and their Commemorative Policy Directives