Current BELS Fellows



Annie Benn,   Political Science

“Investigating the Role of Partisanship in Regulatory Review”


Sean Darling-Hammond,   Public Policy

“Combining Legal & Quantitative Research Tools to Ascertain the Impact of Alternative School Discipline Practices”


Yan Fang,   Jurisprudence and Social Policy

“Law Enforcement Access to Digital Data: Understanding the Everyday Processes”


Cristina Gomez-Vidal,   School of Social Welfare

“Legal Epidemiology-Structural Determinants of Health”


Anatol Elvis Klass,   History

“International Law and the Making of the Modern Chinese State”


Brie McLemore,   Jurisprudence and Social Policy

“Controlling Soldiers and Mothers: Alternative Courts as Social Welfare Providers”


Perfecta (Pita) Oxholm,   Public Policy

“How Police Officer Mindset Impacts Police-Community Contact and What Can Be Done to Improve”


Fantasia Painter,   Ethnic Studies

“Bordering the Nation: Land, Life, & Law in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands and on O’odham Jeved (Land)”


Timothy Wyman-McCarthy,   Rhetoric

“Philanthropy, Social Movements, and the Future of Liberal Internationalism”


Ayyan Zubair,   Law

“Quantifying Reasonable Doubt: Analyzing Harmless Error 50 Years After Chapman v California”