The event will translate participatory discussion into concrete action proposals by organizing as a mock legislative body to develop, debate, and decide on proposals for moving forward with Iceland’s constitutional change process. Dr. Carrillo will serve as chairman throughout and will loosely follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

Part 1: The future of democracy.  How can democracy best adapt to society’s current and future needs?

0800: Registration, with coffee and pastries.

0900: Introduction (Oddsdottir) and video address from former President if Iceland Vigdís Finnbogadóttir.

0915: Lightning round of 5-minute speeches. 

  1. Arnfríður Guðmundsdóttir: Unity in Diversity – Diversity in Unity
  2. Mathieu Berger: The End of Discourse-Based Democracy?
  3. Þórhildur Þorleifsdóttir: From the Women’s Party to the New Constitution
  4. Anastasia Watson: Conscious, Courageous Communication
  5. Gayil Talshir: Schools of Democracy
  6. Sara Oskarsson: From Art, Truth & Politics
  7. Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir: Never Write a Constitution in July: Practical Lessons from the Constitutional Assembly
  8. Sigridur Olafsdottir: How Do We Engage the General Public in Times of Confusion?
  9. Richard Wood: Passion Across Our Divides
  10. Eirikur Bergmann: Participatory Constitutional Deliberation in the Wake of the Crisis

1015: Moderated committees meet. In committee, members will decide on the committee’s draft proposals. By the end of the hour each committee will have an agreed-upon set of proposals to present to the committee of the whole. Committee rapporteurs will prepare a summary of each committee’s results.

1115: Committee of the whole, reports of committee results presented by moderators, with specific proposals.

1200: Lunch in breakout rooms, returning to committee discussion. Each committee will designate an emissary who will rotate around the other committees to present their proposals to the other committees and receive comment. Meanwhile, the rapporteurs will prepare a final summary of their committee’s results for a vote by committee of the whole.

1300: The congress debates the question on the floor: which of the committee proposals are best and most feasible? A vote is held on the proposals; more than one proposal may be approved. Following the vote the rapporteurs will collaborate to produce a report of the results.

Part 2: Modern constitution making. Here we will focus on constitutions as a societal change tool, including Iceland’s proposed new constitution. What should be done with Iceland’s proposed new constitution? If the proposal is abandoned, what ideas from Part 1 should Iceland consider adopting?

1330: Lightning round of 6-minute speeches. Speakers will present views on Iceland’s proposed new constitution and other options for working within the existing system.

    1. Samantha Grace von Ende: The Dimensions and Architecture of Democratic space: how the design ethics of dialogic democracy impact the relational roles of information and process in complex, self-governing systems
    2. Alexander Hudson: Reading Drafts in Comparative Context: A New Feature from Constitute
    3. Pasquale Policastro: From a Living Constitution to a New Constitutional Form
    4. Hélène Landemore: How Iceland Broke Democracy Open
    5. Cynthia Boyer: Sovereignty of the People and Rule of Law
    6. Bel Olid: New Constitution, New Opportunities
    7. Susanna Frederick Fischer: The Significance of Culture and Tradition for Constitutional Reform
    8. Sævar Finnbogason: Representation and Constitutional Changes: With the Benefit of Hindsight
    9. Thorvaldur Gylfason: Democracy Must Prevail, Always

1430: Break, with coffee and snacks.

1445: Carrillo, Stracener, and Duvernay discuss and debate positions for and against adopting the proposed new constitution DRAFT Iceland new constitution (council) DRAFT Iceland Constitution (parliament).

1545: The congress debates the issues on the floor: call the question, and adopt the proposed new constitution?

1615: The congress votes by secret ballot on the proposed new constitution and the morning’s approved proposals. The congress adjourns sine die.

1645: Presentation and group discussion on concept, development status, and future plan for a Center for Democracy.

1730: Cocktails at Freehouse.

This event is co-hosted by the California Constitution Center, the Institute of Governmental Studies, and the American Constitution Society.