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CorporateResponsibility@BerkeleyLaw | Invitation to GC “Think Tank” and Non-Resident Fellowship Program 

SAVE THE DATE | April 28-30, 2017

General Counsel “Think Tank” on The Role of the Lawyer in Furthering Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Presented by Berkeley Law, the Aspen Institute, the United Nations Global Compact, and Linklaters

A strong business case has been made for companies to act responsibly and embrace corporate citizenship and social and environmental sustainability. In a growing number of companies, lawyers are starting to play meaningful roles in developing and overseeing programs designed to meet the expectations and demands of internal and external stakeholders. In too many others, the “siloing” of the legal function and the lack of legal expertise prevents the successful implementation of corporate responsibility initiatives. As a result, corporate responsibility and sustainability remains “window-dressing” or optional, rather than as a requirement, akin to “hard law”. In light of this growing need in the legal profession, Berkeley Law has started an initiative to create curriculum and programs on the role of the lawyer in corporate responsibility. Berkeley Law has partnered with the United Nations Global Compact and Linklaters to build upon The Guide to General Counsel on Sustainability.

Developing curriculum in this emerging area requires practical expertise. Therefore, we are inviting GCs who have shown leadership and creativity in leveraging their role to advance corporate responsibility to be Berkeley Law non-Resident fellows.

This fellowship program will include:

  • Recognition on Berkeley Law’s website as a thought-leader on Corporate Responsibility.
  • The ability to work with Berkeley Law and the United Nations Global Compact to develop curriculum in this growing area of law. This curriculum will be comprised of business school type “case studies” that will feature examples where your legal team has led corporate responsibility initiatives. Berkeley Law will publish and promote these case studies, and use them to create shorter articles and “practitioner” guides for practicing lawyers around the world.
  • The ability to participate in teaching seminars at Berkeley Law so that students can benefit from your expertise.
  • The ability to participate in and benefit from an online portal of resources on sustainability issues and practices.  
  • The ability to participate for at  least once a year in a roundtable of this GC “think-tank”.


Berkeley Law is working with the the Aspen Institute to launch this “think-tank” during a weekend retreat from April 28-30th at Greentree Estate in Manhasset New York on Long Island. Ben Heineman, the former GC of GE and author of The Inside Counsel Revolution  is advising Berkeley Law on this project and will participate in this retreat.

In the first year, we are limiting this group to 15 GCs. Given your commitment to corporate responsibility, we would like to set up a time to discuss your participation in this think-tank and the details of the program on April 28-30th. 

If you are interested in speaking to us about this please RSVP here.