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2022-2023 Berkeley Law and the Judiciary: a virtual series for judges
Session 1: Personal Jurisdiction—Revolution or Devolution?
November 10


Lady Justice: a conversation with Judge Jeremy Fogel and Dahlia Lithwick
October 21


Starting Law School? Some Considerations
July 22

Langdell’s Legacy in the Twenty-First Century: How Innovations in Law School Teaching Spark Developments for the Next Generation of Law Clerks and Lawyers
2022 Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference
July 19

Public Outreach Efforts in the Courts
June 24


Language in the Courts
June 3

LEARN ALL ABOUT IT: Effective Communication Across Differences

Berkeley Law and the Judiciary: a virtual program for judges
Sunday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Expanding Library Services to People in Jails and Prisons

April 15

Coaching Judges
March 31


Mass Tort Litigation Management in Bankruptcy Court
February 28

Are Courthouses Male or Female? Designing for Inclusion: How Courthouse Design Affects Community Confidence in the Delivery of Justice
January 28


BerkeleyBoosts: Attacks on the Courts
January 14


Judicial Stress and Resiliency: 2021 Pandemic Holiday Edition
December 15


Her Honor: My Life on the Bench…What Works, What’s Broken, and How to Change It
November 3


Judges, Technology and Artificial Intelligence
August 18


Academics and Social Media: The revolution will not be televised
June 4


Promoting Judicial Collegiality
May 14


Rurality and Judging: A Brown Bag Discussion with Dr. Michele Statz
April 23


Google v. Oracle: An Initial Appraisal
April 20


Judicial Evaluation: Seeking honest feedback
April 9


Countdown to Constitution Day Happy Hour
March 17


The Civil Rights Movement: Lessons Learned – Reflections for the Future
February 25

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Interactivity Tips for the “Occasional” Teacher
January 29

Judicial Temperament Questions (and Answers)

January 14



Judicial Temperament Part 3: Emotional Regulation and Judicial Behavior
December 2


Staying Well and Managing Stress in Difficult Times
November 16


Systemic Inequality and the Courts – Part Two
November 16


Systemic Inequality and the Courts – Part One
October 28


Contemporary Lessons on Judging and Justice from the Holocaust
October 22


Berkeley Law Alumni Reunion – Best Practices in Court Administration: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19
October 2


The Elements of Judicial Temperament (Part Two)
September 9

Know Your Neighbor

August 28


Judicial Temperament (Part 1)
July 15


Best Practices in Court Administration: What We’ve Learned from COVID
June 24


Best Practices in Judicial Administration: What We’ve Learned During COVID
June 3