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Videos of lectures and presentations at the Institute

Spring 2017 Semester

4/05-07/17: Israeli Artists in Conversation with Israel: An International Conference on Israeli Art and Society 

Panel 1: State of the Arts with Sharon Aronson Lehavi, Motti Regev, and Gannit Ankori. Moderator: Rebecca Golbert

Panel 2: Round table: Israel Between Cultures and Identities with Yair Dalal, Iris Zaki, Eyal Weiser, Ibrahim Miari, Raafat Hattab. Moderator: Ben Brinner. 

Panel 3: Artist/ Scholar Discussion: Eyal Weiser and Sharon Aronson Lehavi

Panel 4: Roundtable: Performing Religion, Gender, and Sexuality in Israel with Iris Zaki, Nelly Agassi, Elad Schechter, Emil Ben Shimon, Raafat Hattab. Moderators: Merav Singer and Noam Gil. 

Panel 5: Artist/ Scholar Conversation: Nelly Agassi with Gannit Ankori

Panel 6: Round table: Artists at the Intersection of Art and Technology with Eran Hadas, Elad Schechter, Iris Zaki, Nitzan Lederman. Moderator: Ken Goldberg. 

Israeli Artists in Performance: Yair Dalal, Ibrahim Miari, c.a.t.a.m.o.n dance troupe 

3/07/17:  “Til We Have Built Jerusalem” with Adina Hoffman, Essayist and Cultural Critic

Fall 2016 Semester

11/30/16: Is Israel Stuck Forever with its Political Faultlines? with Nissim Mizrachi, Berkeley Institute Visiting Professor, Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University

11/16/16: Threats to Democracy in Israel with Itzhak Galnoor, Herbert Samuel Professor of Political Science (emeritus) at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

10/27/16: American Judaism 2016: From Theory to Practice and Back with Arnold Eisen, Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary

Spring 2016 Semester

2/4/2016: Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Israel: Changes, Inequality and the Quality of Life with Calvin Goldscheider, Ungerleider Professor Emeritus of Judaic Studies and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Brown University

2/23/2016: The Failures of Ethics: Confronting the Holocaust, Genocide, and Other Mass Atrocities with John Roth, Edward J. Sexton Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College
Co-sponsored with the Human Rights Cente, the Human Rights Clinic and the Human Rights Program

2/25/2016: Israel at a Major Crossroad: Challenges and Opportunities with Avishay Braverman, Former President, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Knesset Member (2006-2015); Economist; Former Senior Official, World Bank, Co-Sponsored by the Masters in Development Practice

3/8/2016: Building the Solar Revolution in Frontier Economies: Supporting Sustainable Development in Israel and Africa with Yosef Abramovitz, President and CEO of Energiya Global Capital, co-founder of the Arava Power Company, Co-Sponsored by the College of Natural Resources, and the Blum Center for Developing Economies

4/7/2016: “A Look in the Mirror: Reflections on the Social and Economic Issues Facing Israel Today” with Avi Weiss, Executive Director, Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel

Fall 2015

11/19/2015: From Secular Judaism to Jewish Renewal in Israel – A Personal Story and Public Point of View with Ruth Calderon, Former Knesset Member (2013-2015), Talmudic Scholar, Founder of ALMA Home for Hebrew Culture, and Shalom Hartman Faculty Member

11/9/2015: Diaspora and Group Rights: The Jewish Constitutional Moment with Willy Forbath, Associate Dean for Research; Lloyde M. Bensten Chair in Law, University of Texas

11/5/15: Identity Inside Israel and Out: A Conversation Through Movement with Leah Kahn and the Miriam Engel-Angela Dance Company

10/28/2015: Israel Facing a Changing Middle East with Itamar Rabinovich, Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States; Former President of Tel Aviv University; President of the Israel Institute

Spring 2015
4/27-4/28/15: International Conference, Reflections on the Legacy of Nuremberg:
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3

4/22/15: Lecture: Prof. Derek Penslar,”Between Honor and Authenticity: Zionism as Theodor Herzl’s Life Project

4/13/15: Lecture: Jews and Judaism in France Today with Rabbi Daniel Dahan

3/19/15: Performance: Jewish Songlines: Judeo-Spanish and Yiddish Music and Dance, with Michael Alpert and Esti Kenan-Ofri

3/11/15: Lecture: Like Dreamers: What I Learned from Israel’s Left-Right Divide, with Yossi Klein Halevi, journalist and award winning author.

2/17/15: The Private Sphere as Public Policy?: A Symposium on Law and Society in Israel, co-sponsored with the Center for the Study of Law and Society.

See event program

Fall 2014

12/1/14: Colloquium [Audio Only]: “Still Playing by the Rules: Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel” by Sammy Smooha, emeritus professor of sociology, University of Haifa, winner of the Israel Prize for sociology (2008).

11/13/14: Lecture and Performance:  “Piyyut: Hebrew Poetry and World Music,”with Robert Alter, Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature , UC Berkeley; Yair Harel, Schusterman Artist-in-Residence.

11/6/14: Annual Robbins Collection Lecture in Jewish Law and Thought, “Maimonides on Mourning: Jewish Law and Emotion,” by Moshe Halbertal, Senior Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem; Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at The Hebrew University; Gruss Professor of Law, New York University.

10/21/14: “The Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process,” Moderated Discussion with Abe Sofaer, George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy and National Security Affairs, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; Janine Zacharia, Carlos Kelly McClatchy Visiting Lecturer, Stanford University. Moderator: Mark Yudof, UC President Emeritus.

Spring 2014

3/11/2014: 2014 Annual Conference in Israel Studies, titled Israeli and Palestinian Waterways: History, Politics, and Technology of Water and Environment in the Middle East. For information about speakers, see conference program.

1) Opening Remarks and Panel I: Historical Formations: The Law and Politics of Water Since the British Mandate.

2) Panel II: Social Questions: Scarcity, Access, and Health.

3) Cosponsor presentation and Panel III: Water Across Borders: The Politics of Peace and Collaboration.

4) Panel IV: Technology and Innovation: Changing the Political and Environmental Calculus.

5) Keynote Speech: A Green Bridge over Troubled Waters: The Kidron Valley/Wadi El Nar River Basin Project and the Possibilities for Israeli-Palestinian Environmental Collaboration. By Glenn Yago, Senior Director, Milken Institute Israel Center; Founder, Financial Innovations Labs.

3/7/2014: “Covering Israel: A Reporter’s Notebook” – Lecture with Janine Zacharia, Former Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Washington Post; Former Washington Bureau Chief, Jerusalem Post; Carlos Kelly McClatchy Visiting Lecturer, Department of Communication, Stanford University.

2/21/2014: “Reporting Israel: the Personal, the Political and the Press” Lecture with Aluf Benn, Editor in-chief, Ha’aretz Daily Newspaper

2/14/2014: “My Promised Land”-Lecture with Ari Shavit, Ha’aretz  journalist and author of the book My Promised Land

Fall 2013

11/14/2013: “Prospects for Peace: An Assessment with Ambassador Dennis Ross” with Amb. Dennis Ross

11/12/2013: “What We Can Learn from the Jewish Political Tradition” with Professor Michael Walzer