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Fall 2016

10/27/16  11/16/16  11/30/16

American Judaism 2016: From Theory to Practice and Back

Threats to Democracy in Israel Is Israel Stuck Forever with its Political Fault Lines?
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Spring 2016

2/4/16 2/23/16 2/25/16  3/8/16
Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Israel:
Changes, Inequality and the Quality of Life 

The Failures of Ethics:
Confronting the Holocaust, Genocide, and Other Mass Atrocities

Israel at a Major Crossroad: Challenges and Opportunities 

Building the Solar Revolution in Frontier Economies: Supporting
Sustainable Development in Israel and Africa
IMG_0039(1) 25141086222_e9cf411667_o 25282162245_4305a2ca1d_o IMG_0051
3/17/16  4/7/16  4/12/16  4/21/16

Defining Neighbors: Religion, Race, & the Early Zionist – Arab Encounter

 A Look in the Mirror: Reflections on the Social and Economic Issues Facing Israel Today Jewish Scholars and the Study of Islam: Reflections on Modern Jewish Identity A Reporter’s Notebook: The Pitfalls and Rewards of writing on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
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Fall 2015

9/17/15 9/30/15
An Environmental and Urban Revolution in an Israeli/Palestinian Water Basin: The Example of the Yarqon/Aluja Basin Film Screening and Conversation with Director of “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem”
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10/28/15 11/5/15   11/19/15
Israel in a Changing Middle East Identity Inside Israel and Out: A Conversation through Motion

From Secular Judaism to
Jewish Renewal in Israel –
A Personal Story and Public Point of View


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Spring 2015

4/30/15 4/27 – 4/28/15 4/22/15
Identity through Art:
A Multicultural Performance
with Slam Poet Aaron Samuels
International Conference: Reflections on the Legacy of Nuremberg Between Honour and Authenticity: Zionism as Theodor Herzl’s Life Porject, with Derek Penslar
aaron samuels 17184062578_7186a9537b_q

derek penslar

4/13/15 03/11/2015 2/26/2015
Jews and Judaism in France Today: Public lecture with Rabbi Daniel Dahan, Chief Rabbi of Provence, France. “Like Dreamers: What I learned from Israel’s Left-Right Divide” with Yossi Klein Halevi
“Zero Motivation”: Film Screening and Discussion with visiting professor Shira Offer
dahan yossi zero motivation

Fall 2014

11/6/14 10/21/14  

Robbins Collection Lecture,
“Maimonides on Mourning:
Jewish Law and Emotion”

“The Future of the
Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Welcome Back Event
maimonedes peace 15062566307_bba7e5e152_q

Spring 2014

04/10/2014 3/11/2014 03/06/2014 02/14-03/07/2014
“From India to Israel: A Multicultural Celebration” Israeli and Palestinian Waterways: History, Politics, and Technology of Water and the Environment in the Middle East” “Israeli Start-Ups in the International Arena” “Covering Covering Israel: Conversations with Contemporary Journalists”
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Fall 2013

03/12/2013 10/9/2013
“Writing Identity” with Sayed Kashua “Jews and Words” with Fania Oz-Salzberger
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Fall 2012

11/26/2012 10/23/2012
The 2012-2013 Robbins Collection Lecture in Jewish Law and Thought with Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 2012-2013 Gilbert Foundation Colloquy with Judge Kozinski and Justice Beinisch
8250898018_c553a96309_z 8225015330_2580962483_o

Spring 2012

4/16/2012 2/14/2011
2011-2012 Robbins Collection Lecture in Jewish Law with Professors Barry Wimpfheimer and Marianne Constable 2010-2011 Robbins Collection Lecture in Jewish Law, with Professor Suzanne Last Stone
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