Visiting Faculty


Tomer Persico

Tel Aviv University

Dr. Tomer Persico has taught for the last eight years at the Department for Comparative Religion in Tel-Aviv University, and has joined the Shalom Hartman Institute as a Research Fellow four years ago. His fields of study are contemporary spirituality, Jewish Renewal, Forms of secularization and trends of secularization and religiosity in Israel. His book, The Jewish Meditative Tradition, was published by Tel Aviv University Press in 2016. He is an activist for freedom of religion, writes the most popular blog in Hebrew on religion, has written hundreds articles on these subjects for the popular media. This year he has begun working as the Koret Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewish and Israel Studies, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies, Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies, Center for Jewish Studies at U. C. Berkeley, and a Shalom Hartman Institute Scholar in Residence.

Itai Ater

Tel Aviv University

Itai Ater is an economics professor at Tel Aviv University, a research fellow at the CEPR, and the head of the Strategy and innovation track at the Coller School of Management. In his research, Itai investigates the impact of government policies and regulations on markets, firms and consumers. For instance, in one project, Itai examines how mandatory price transparency in the Israeli Supermarket industry affected prices and cost of living. Itai finds that Israeli households saved about $27 from this reform. In other projects, Itai examines how changes in law enforcement (for instance, extending the right to counsel to arrestees) affected police activity and crime rates in Israel.

Professor Ater earned his PhD in economics at Stanford University in 2008. Before graduate school he studied in the Hebrew University (Law and economics), and worked in the Israeli Antitrust Authority.

In 2018-19, Prof. Ater will be the Israeli Institute visiting professor in UC Berkeley and will teach courses on the Israeli Economy.

דר' אמנון רייכמן

Amnon Reichman

University of Haifa

Amnon Reichman is a an Associate Professor of law (tenured 2006) at the faculty of law, University of Haifa and a co-Principal Investigator (PI) of the recently-established Minerva Center for the Rule of Law Under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa. Professor Reichman specializes in public law (constitutional law and administrative law), and his areas of expertise include models of regulation, neo-institutionalism, separation of powers, theories of judicial review, human rights, and comparative constitutional and administrative law. He is the founder and chair of the Research Forum on the Rule of Law (faculty of law), and heads the graduate program (LL.M.) that specializes in civil and administrative law. He taught and developed the syllabus for the legal segment of the graduate program in Emergency and Disaster Management (Geography Department). Professor Reichman is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF).  He conducted his post-graduate studies at the Center for Ethics and the Professions at Harvard University (2001). 

Itay Fishhendler

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Professor Itay Fischhendler heads the Environmental and Planning Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests focus on environmental conflict resolution, natural resources governance, and decision-making under conditions of political and environmental uncertainties. He is a leading scholar on transboundary water institutions and Middle Eastern water policy.