2020 London Conference

Global Resistance to Sexual Harassment and Violence

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See below for recordings of video-conference sessions from June 8 & 9, 2020

This conference is organized by the Sexual Harassment/Violence Working Group of the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law. Conference participants will be examining resistance to sexual harassment as a global issue. Simultaneous with the conference, the Center will be issuing our new book, The Global #MeToo Movement

The conference consisted of shared insights about sexual harassment/violence, pre-recorded panels, commentary via plenary sessions, workshops, and small group discussions, and finally, a keynote address by Professor Jamillah Bowman Williams.

Conference Recordings

Panel 1: A Global Report on Sexual Harassment/Violence

Chair: David Oppenheimer (US)

Panelists: Natasha de Silva (Australia, Australian Human Rights Commission) Puja Kapai (Hong Kong University) Katharina Miller (Spain, European Women Lawyers Association) Robin Runge (US/International Labor Organization) Furaha-joy Sekai Saungweme (Tanzania/Africa End Sexual Harassment Initiative) Purna Sen (UN Women) Karen Vandekerchkhove (Belgium/European Commission) Rachel Vogelstein (US, Council on Foreign Relations)

Producers: Berkeley students Kelly Crabtree and Laura Valencia

Click here to watch Panel 1. 


Panel 2: Intersectionality and Sexual Harassment/Violence

Chair: Shreya Atrey (India/UK)

Panelists: Lucy-Ann Buckley (Ireland) Meghan Campbell (UK) Peter Dunne (Ireland/UK) Russell Robinson (US)

Producers: Berkeley students Emma Cooper and Charlie Tsunoda

Click here to watch Panel 2. 


Panel 3: The Role of Social Media

Chair: Aileen McColgan (UK)

Panelists: Laura Carlson (Sweden) Eva Greene (UK) Nicole Groves (US/Facebook) Shivangi Misra (India/Canada/Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action) Sharyn Tejani (US/Time’sUp! Legal Defense Fund)

Producers: Berkeley students Emma Lapinsky and Jesus Suarez

Click here to watch Panel 3.


Panel 4: Building a Toolkit for Investigating Sexual Harassment

Chairs: Beth Gaze (Australia) and Amy Oppenheimer (US)

Panelists: Debbie Collier (South Africa) Severyna Magill (UK) Furaha-joy Sekai Saungweme (Tanzania & Kenya) Purna Sen (UN Women)

Producers: Berkeley students Tanvee Joshi, Subaita Rahman, and Yolanda Ye

Click here to watch Panel 4, Part 1.

Click here to watch Panel 4, Part 2.


Panel 5: Backlash

Chair: Karen O’Connell (Australia)

Panelists: Laura Bourgeois (France) Jessica Clarke (US) Barbara Havelkova (Czechia) Costanza Hermanin (Italy) Ruth Nekura (Kenya) Keina Yoshida (UK)

Producers: Berkeley students Marisa Umeh and Ianna Zhu

Click here to watch Panel 5.


Panel 6: Strategic Litigation

Chair: Kelly Dermody (US)

Panelists: Georgiana Calvert-Lee (UK) Sabrina Cartabia (Argentina) Vrinda Grover (India) Isabelle Rorive (Belgium) Marni Willenson (US)

Producers: Students Nicole Khoury and Joseph Sotile

Click here to watch Panel 6.


Panel 7: The Global #MeToo Movement

Chair: Ann Noel (US)

Panelists: Denise Abade (Brazil) Ivana Bacik (Ireland) Debbie Collier (South Africa) Kazuko Ito (Japan) Kalpana Kannabiran (India) Marie Mercat-Bruns (France) Estefania Vela (Mexico) Lining Zhang (China)

Producers: Berkeley students Talia Harris and Subaita Rahman.

Click here to watch Panel 7. 

Professor Jamillah Bowman Williams

Topic: How #MeToo and the resulting legal activity has not done enough to protect women of color, particularly black women, immigrant WOC, and low-wage workers, with some proposals for reform.


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