Contributions to the 2021 Report to the Biden Administration on the Issues Faced by Climate Refugees


The Immigrant Justice and Climate Refugees Working Group (IJCR) prepared this report to assist in the Climate Refugees’ report to the Biden Administration examining the impacts of climate change on migration, including options for protection and resettlement, included in the February 4, 2021 executive order on refugees. Building on prior research, the IJCR team compiled a list of NGOs and government entities from around the world who are addressing the consequences of forced migration as a direct or indirect result of climate change. The foci of these organizations are diverse and include environmental conservation and immigrant rights, but all work on the intersectional issue of climate refugees.

Special thanks to the IJCR team who contributed to this report: Emma Cooper, Angel Valdez Ordoñez, Alexa Apodaca, Briseida Ayala Rodriguez, Ianna Zhu, Isabella Sanchez, Michelle Rivera Lopez, Shealyn Massey, and Trinity Durborow. 

We would also like to thank Working Group Director, Carrie Rosenbaum, and David Oppenheimer, Faculty Director of the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law. 

View our contribution to the report here: International Organizations Addressing the Issues Facing Climate Migrants

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The final version of the report, produced by Climate Refugees, can be viewed here