Immigrant Justice & Climate Refugees

About the IJCR Working Group

Formed in the Spring of 2019, the Berkeley Center’s Immigrant Justice & Climate Refugees (IJCR) Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of scholars, activists, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders working on the issues of immigrant rights. The IJCR examines the contemporary role of borders in allocation of rights, and the relationship of borders, equality, and rights to migration and displacement as a result of climate change. We facilitate the development of research on the impacts of climate change and migration policies on questions of equality and justice, within the United States and beyond. The IJCR Working Group hosts and supports the development of work that will inform and influence other thinkers and decision-makers as they assess these questions from intellectual, political, and pragmatic perspectives.

The Working Group’s Director is Carrie Rosenbaum, an immigration scholar and attorney who has taught Immigration & Citizenship at UC Berkeley, Immigration Law at Golden Gate University School of Law, and is a UC Berkeley Center for the Study of Law and Society (CSLS) Visiting Scholar.

IJCR Working Group Projects

Spring 2021

Earth Refuge

IJCR has recently partnered with Earth Refuge, a legal think tank working at the intersections of climate change law, migration law, urban design, and racism. They are based in the UK and Germany, with a global perspective. During Spring 2021, IJCR has contributed to the Climate Refugees report to the Biden Administration, written op-eds and think pieces for Earth Refuge, and produced a panel on Solutions to the Climate Refugee Crisis. Stay tuned for further updates on our work! 


Fall 2020

Our Fall 2020 project will continue to expand our role as an intellectual hub and resource on the issues of immigrant rights, borders and the ways in which climate change necessitates rethinking rights, equality, borders, and migration. Our inaugural event will be a remote workshop in 2020, and we are planning a full conference program to be held remotely in 2021. Stay tuned for more information, and please contact our Director if you are interested in participating! Berkeley Law students interested in an independent study project, or undergraduates at UC Berkeley should also reach out to the Director. 

Inaugural Event: Criminalization of Climate Migrants

Who We Are


  • Carrie Rosenbaum

    Carrie Rosenbaum

    Carrie Rosenbaum is a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley Center for the Study of Law and Society, a Lecturer in Legal Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and an Adjunct Professor at the Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. She is an immigration attorney in private practice, and is a board member of LexisNexis Bender's Immigration Bulletin, and has served on the Executive Board of the Bay Area National Lawyers Guild and as Co-Chair of the Bay Area National Lawyers Guild Immigration Committee. She has also held leadership positions in the American Immigration Lawyers Association within the Northern California Chapter. She has edited and authored practice guides and treatises for LexisNexis and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and has been invited to contribute to the ImmigrationProf blog, and LexisNexis where she has been recognized as an Expert Commentator.

    Carrie Rosenbaum’s scholarship focuses on the constitutionality of immigration laws including due process and equal protection principles, racial bias in crimmigration enforcement, and the role of settler colonialism in shaping contemporary expressions of immigration law.

Student Assistants

  • Emma Cooper

    Emma Cooper (She/Her)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Angel Valdez Ordoñez

    Angel Valdez Ordoñez (He/Him)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Ianna Zhu

    Ianna Zhu (She/Her)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Shealyn Massey

    Shealyn Massey (She/Her)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Trinity Durborow

    Trinity Durborow (She/Her)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Alexa Apodaca

    Alexa Apodaca (She/Her)

  • Laura J. Valencia Loaiza

    Laura J. Valencia Loaiza (She/Her)

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  • Emma Lapinsky

    Emma Lapinsky (she/her)

    • UC Berkeley Undergraduate
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  • Tutti Copping

    Tutti Copping (She/Her)

    • University of Technology, Sydney Undergraduate
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  • Kristina Marter

    Kristina Marter (She/Her)

    • UC Berkeley Recent Graduate
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