Law and Economics Program

BCLBE’s Law & Economics program provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholarship in the fields of business law, and law and economics. As one of the preeminent institutions for the study of these fields on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Berkeley’s program is notable both for the depth of its faculty and the breadth of its interdisciplinary scope. The program draws upon the expertise of faculty from many disciplines, including the Schools of Law, Public Policy and Business, the College of Natural Resources, the Departments of Economics, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and the Graduate Program in Jurisprudence & Social Policy.

The program’s curricular and workshop/seminar offerings provide resources and opportunities for graduate students from throughout campus and for visiting scholars from around the world. The program also sponsors a working paper series which serves as a broad-ranging compendium of the works of both resident scholars and visitors.

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Law and Economics Fellowship

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