LL.M. professional track Law & Technology Certificate

The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology offers a specialized certificate program for LL.M. professional track students. The certificate in Law & Technology recognizes successful completion of a course of study focused on Intellectual Property Law and Privacy Law.


The final deadline for submitting the application is December 15 of a student’s graduation year.

However, if students wish to be noted in the graduation program as having received the certificate, they must submit the application by June 25 of their graduation year.

Submission Process

Complete the online application form by clicking on the button below. 

Program Requirements

To qualify for the LL.M. professional track certificate, a student must complete a total of 11 units from the list of courses below.

      • Introduction to Intellectual Property (3 units)
      • Blockchain (1 unit)
      • Copyright Law (3 units)
      • Cybersecurity Law (1 unit)
      • Entertainment Law (1 unit)
      • Patent Law (3 units)
      • Privacy Law (3 units)
      • Trademark Law (3 units)
      • Video Game Law (1 unit)