Careers in Tech Law Podcast

BCLT Careers in Tech podcast

Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Executive Director Wayne Stacy, along with BCLT’s Life Sciences Project Director Allison Schmitt, facilitate interviews with leading Law and Tech experts to discuss the intricacies of their career paths and how they got to where they are. 

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October 11
Yish Gong and Erin Hanson
White & Case
White and Case logo

Law firms throw around the term “tech transactions.” But what does it really mean? Turns out, firms do things differently, and you need to ask for specifics. White & Case provides some concrete examples of what a tech transaction practice can look like.

December 17
Rachna Ram and Joseph Snyder,
Kilpatrick Townsend
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What can new attorneys expect, and how does life sciences patent prosecution differ from high-tech patent prosecution?

December 3
Olivia Poppens and Dennis Wilson,
Kilpatrick Townsend
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Trademark and copyright are important areas of Intellectual Property. Career paths, however, are less obvious than in other areas of IP. How, or should, you pursue a career in trademark and copyright law?

December 3
Neslihan Doran-Civan and Ruthleen Uy,
Kilpatrick Townsend
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Patent prosecution and patent litigation are very different career paths that broadly fall under the heading of “patent attorney.” How do you know which one is right for you? 

October 12
Germaine Gurr and Neeta Sahadev,
White & Case

How does M&A coursework translate into the day-to-day practice of M&A law? What does an M&A lawyer spend most of their day doing?  And can you actually specialize in international M&A or tech M&A?

September 17
Peter Menell and Andrea Roth,
BCLT/Berkeley Law

How can you best preserve the option of pursuing an academic career? What courses and jobs should students be thinking about? 


September 13
Charles N. Bahlert and Lisa Greenwald-Swire, Fish & Richardson

Trademark and branding practices offer attorneys a unique blend of transactional and dispute-resolution work. What types and sizes of clients can an attorney in this practice area accept to work with? And how can attorneys get involved with both transactional and dispute-resolution work? 

September 10
Michael Whalen, Paul Hastings

Tech impacts almost every major company. New types of disputes and problems are constantly arising—all of which present opportunities for general litigators with a broad understanding of the regulations and laws impacting tech. What can the new attorney expect, and how should they prepare? 

August 12
Priya Patel and Derek Walter, Weil

Life sciences legal work is generally booming. But what about life sciences patent litigation? And if you are interested in this career path, what type of technical background is required? The answers may surprise you and open up new opportunities.

August 12
Avi Emanuel and Lianna Whittleton, Wilson Sonsini

Emerging companies typically need a combined legal and business advisor. Junior attorneys in emerging companies practice get access to clients early in their career and are often thrust into the critical advisor role.  What does a typical day look like, and how can you best prepare to support an emerging company?

August 12
Kathryn Cahoy and Kanu Song, Covington

General litigation for social media companies requires a broad skill set and offers exciting variation–from privacy to copyright to class action defense to breach of contract.  What does it take to prepare for this type of breadth?

August 4
Cynthia Cole & Nick Palmieri, Baker Botts

Privacy and cybersecurity are growing legal areas. What does a typical counseling practice look like? And how can you prepare for it?

July 28
David Sanker & Jenn Wang, Morgan Lewis

From patents to privacy to export control, innovations in artificial intelligence present attorneys with significant career opportunities.  David and Jenn from Morgan Lewis explain how AI impacts their work and advise on ways students can prepare for future work.