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The Law & Technology Certificate recognizes successful completion of a focused course of study, including writing and student activity components. The curricular requirements emphasize depth and breadth but also afford students substantial flexibility. You can find the full requirements and apply here!


Upcoming Conferences

For 2021, in light of the pandemic, all Berkeley Law students will be able to participate in all of BCLT’s online conferences free of charge.


Law & Tech Opportunities

Join the Privacy Law at Berkeley (PrivLAB) Executive Board!

PrivLab is looking for representatives to join the Executive Board for 2021-22. Joining the Board is a great way to work directly with privacy lawyers in the field, shape the discussion of privacy here at Berkeley, and show an interest in privacy and technology on your resume! Questions? Please reach out to info@privlab.berkeley.edu.
Apply here!

Atticus Project 2021 Summer Intern Program

The Atticus Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to harness the power of AI to accelerate contract review, is accepting legal interns for the summer. More information and application here.

Privacy Law Fellowships and Internships

The Future of Privacy Forum is accepting applications for fall 2021 post-graduate fellowships and for fall 2021 internships. All positions are remote through the end of 2021, and FPF is open to applicants wishing to work remotely on a permanent basis.   

Please send any questions to applications@fpf.org (or to the email listed in the individual job listings).

Resources on Technology, Law
and Anti-Racism

BCLT is committed to exploring and addressing issues at the intersection of technology, race, and justice. In this portion of Student News, we will seek every week to highlight a resource that can advance students’ understanding of these concerns.

As artificial intelligence becomes embedded in more and more governmental and private sector processes, a major question is whether AI and other algorithmic-based systems can reduce racism or whether they will replicate and exacerbate it. In recent weeks, regulators in the EU and the US took two very different approaches. 
The European Commission (part of the EU) issued a proposal for comprehensive regulation of AI. The proposal must go through the EU’s complex legislative process, and is likely to be amended, but if adopted it would have an indirect impact on US companies developing AI systems. The proposal does not directly address racism, but it seeks to bring greater fairness and transparency to uses of AI that affect individuals.
Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission issued a blog noting how apparently “neutral” technology can be racially biased. The FTC reiterated its intent to use existing laws to address algorithmic bias.

BCLT Office Hours

Starting next Wednesday, from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M., BCLT Assistant Director Matthew Ray will hold office hours on Zoom to answer student questions about our programming. If you’re interested in receiving our Law & Tech certificate, curious about our curriculum, or just want to learn more about what we do, we encourage you to drop in.

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