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Suzanne Scotchmer was a Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and a visiting scholar at the Berkeley School of Law and the I-School at Berkeley in Fall 2007. Her graduate degrees were in economics and statistics. She held visiting and teaching appointments at Harvard University, University of Auckland, University of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris), Tel Aviv University, University of Paris I (Sorbonne), Berkeley School of Law, the University of Toronto Law School, University of Southern California, Yale University, Stanford University, New School of Economics, Moscow, and Stockholm School of Economics. She is published on intellectual property law, rules of evidence, tax enforcement, cooperative game theory, club theory, and evolutionary game theory. She served on the editorial boards of American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Regional Science and Urban Economics, and Journal of Public Economics. She served on committees of the National Research Council (National Academies of Sciences) and was a member of the Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy. The Department of Justice Antitrust Division used her as a consultant on antitrust matters; and she was a scholar in residence at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In 2004 she published Innovation and Incentives with MIT Press. Professor Scotchmer passed away in 2014.


Patents in the University: Priming the Pump and Crowding Out 2013 Suzanne Scotchmer
Picking Winners in Rounds of Elimination 2012 Suzanne Scotchmer
Ideas and Innovations: Which Should Be Subsidized? 2011 Suzanne Scotchmer
Verifiability and Group Formation in Markets 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Risk Taking and Gender in Hierarchies 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Cap-and-Trade, Emissions Taxes, and Innovation 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Openness, Open Source, and the Veil of Ignorance 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Scarcity of Ideas and R&D Options: Use it, Lose it or Bank it 2009 Suzanne Scotchmer
Profit Neutrality in Licensing: The Boundary Between Antitrust Law and Patent Law 2008 Suzanne Scotchmer
Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Still Looking for Lost Profits: The Case of Horizontal Competition 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Open Source Software: The New Intellectual Property Paradigm 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Intellectual Property 2005
The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Treaties 2004 Suzanne Scotchmer
Procuring Knowledge 2003 Suzanne Scotchmer
Procuring Knowledge 2003 Suzanne Scotchmer
The Core and Hedonic Core: Reply to Wooders (2001), with Counterexamples 2003 Suzanne Scotchmer
Damages and Injunctions in the Protection of Proprietary Research Tools 2000 Suzanne Scotchmer
The Independent-Invention Defense in Intellectual Property 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
On the Optimality of the Patent Renewal System 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
Patent Breadth, Patent Life, and the Pace of Technological Progress 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
Protecting Early Innovators: Should Second-Generation Products be Patentable? 1998 Suzanne Scotchmer

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