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Title Year Author
Misconstruing Whistleblower Immunity Under the Defend Trade Secrets Act 2017 Peter Menell
Rise of the API Copyright Dead?: An Updated Epitaph for Copyright Protection of Network and Functional Features of Computer Software 2017  Peter Menell
API Copyrightability Bleak House: Unraveling the Oracle v. Google Jurisdictional Mess 2016 Peter Menell
Foundations and Principles Redux: A Reply to Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick 2013 Robert P. Merges
Brief of Software Innovators, Start-Ups, and Investors as Amici Curiae in Oracle v. Google 2013 Jennifer Urban
The Continuum of Excludability and the Limits of Patents 2013 Amy Kapczynski, Talha Syed
The Relationship between Foundations and Principles in IP Law 2013 Robert P. Merges
A Quick Guide to Software Licensing for the Scientist-Programmer 2012 Jennifer Urban
The Challenges of Reforming Intellectual Property Protection for Computer Software 2011 Peter S. Menell
The Mixed Heritage of Federal Intellectual Property Law and Ramifications for Statutory Interpretation 2011 Peter S. Menell
Justifying Intellectual Property 2011 Robert P. Merges
To Waive and Waive Not: Property and Flexibility in the Digital Era 2011 Robert P. Merges
Autonomy and Independence: The Normative Face of Transaction Costs 2011 Robert P. Merges
Ideas and Innovations: Which Should Be Subsidized? 2011 Suzanne Scotchmer
Verifiability and Group Formation in Markets 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Risk Taking and Gender in Hierarchies 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
First Amendment Defenses in Trade Secrecy Cases 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Governance of Intellectual Resources and Disintegration of Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 2010 Peter S. Menell
Cap-and-Trade, Emissions Taxes, and Innovation 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Openness, Open Source, and the Veil of Ignorance 2010 Suzanne Scotchmer
Academic Author Objections to the Google Book Search Settlement 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Google Book Search and the Future of Books in Cyberspace 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Pooh-Poohing Copyright Law’s ‘Inalienable’ Termination Rights 2009 Peter S. Menell
A Prize System as a Partial Solution to the Health Crisis in the Developing World 2009 Talha Syed
Nonpatentability of Business Methods: Legal and Economic Analysis 2009 Peter S. Menell
Author Autonomy and Atomism in Copyright Law 2009 Molly S. Van Houweling
High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey 2009 Robert P. Merges
The New Servitudes 2009 Molly S. Van Houweling
What Effects Do Legal Rules Have on Service Innovation? 2009 Pamela Samuelson
Scarcity of Ideas and R&D Options: Use it, Lose it or Bank it 2009 Suzanne Scotchmer
Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement 2009 Pamela Samuelson
The Strange Odyssey of Software Interfaces and Intellectual Property Law 2009 Pamela Samuelson
Locke for the Masses: Property Rights and the Products of Collective Creativity 2009 Robert P. Merges
The Continuing Vitality of Music Performance Rights Organizations 2008 Robert P. Merges
Intellectual Property and the Law of Land 2008 Peter S. Menell
Intellectual Property and the Property Rights Movement 2007 Peter S. Menell
Now and Then, Here and There: A Review Essay on Khan, the Democratization of Invention, and Blind, et al., Software Patents 2007 Robert P. Merges
Cultural Environmentalism and the Constructed Commons Law and Contemporary Problems 2007 Molly S. Van Houweling
The Property Rights Movement’s Embrace of Intellectual Property: True Love or Doomed Relationship? 2007 Peter S. Menell
Locke Remixed 2007 Robert P. Merges
A Method for Reforming the Patent System 2007 Peter S. Menell
Global Justice in Healthcare: Developing Drugs for the Developing World 2006 Talha Syed
Patents, Entry and Growth in the Software Industry 2006 Robert P. Merges
Principles for Resolving Conflicts Between Trade Secrets and the First Amendment 2006 Pamela Samuelson
Enriching Discourse on Public Domains 2006 Pamela Samuelson
The Generativity of Sony V. Universal: The Intellectual Legacy of Justice Stevens 2006 Pamela Samuelson
Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Still Looking for Lost Profits: The Case of Horizontal Competition 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Open Source Software: The New Intellectual Property Paradigm 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Challenges in Mapping the Public Domain 2005 Pamela Samuelson
Intellectual Property 2005  
The Story of Baker v. Selden: Sharpening the Distinction Between Authorship and Invention 2005 Pamela Samuelson
A New Dynamism in the Public Domain 2004 Robert P. Merges
The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Treaties 2004 Suzanne Scotchmer
Eldred and Lochner: Copyright Term Extension and Intellectual Property as Constitutional Property 2004 Paul M. Schwartz
Procuring Knowledge 2003 Suzanne Scotchmer
Procuring Knowledge 2003 Suzanne Scotchmer
The Constitutional Law of Intellectual Property After Eldred v. Ashcroft 2003 Pamela Samuelson
Pre-existing Confusion in Copyright’s Work-for-Hire Doctrine 2002 Peter S. Menell
Economic Implications of State Sovereign Immunity from Infringement of Federal Intellectual Property Rights 2001 Peter S. Menell
One Hundred Years of Solicitude: Intellectual Property Law, 1900-2000 2001 Robert P. Merges
Property Rights, Firm Boundaries, and R&D Inputs 2001 Robert P. Merges
Damages and Injunctions in the Protection of Proprietary Research Tools 2000 Suzanne Scotchmer
Privacy as Intellectual Property? 2000 Pamela Samuelson
Five Challenges for Regulating the Global Information Society 2000 Pamela Samuelson
Who Owns the Charles River Bridge? Intellectual Property and Competition in the Software Industry 2000 Robert P. Merges
The Independent-Invention Defense in Intellectual Property 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
Contracting into Liability Rules: Intellectual Property Rights and Collective Rights Organizations 1997 Robert P. Merges