8:15 AM Registration and Breakfast
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Chris Hoofnagle, UC Berkeley I School and Law School, BCLTPaul SchwartzUC Berkeley Law School, BCLT

9:00 AM

Cybersecurity Regulatory Enforcement

New regulators, new laws, and new norms are causing cybersecurity responsibilities to proliferate. This discussion will feature insights on how cybersecurity lawyers navigate the growing thicket of information security rules from the perspective of both companies pursued by the FTC and multinationals operating under different legal regimes. It will consider challenges posed by insider breaches and obligations arising from the General Data Protection Regulation.

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Practitioners Panel

Privacy practitioners from leading law firms and major online companies will share insights on how to stay afloat in increasingly turbulent waters.

11:45 AM

Privacy Award

BCLT is proud to bestow its annual Privacy Award this year on 

in recognition of their leadership in securing passage of CalECPA, which establishes the “gold standard” of a judicial warrant for government access to communications, location data and other information about our daily lives.

Audio ends at 14:20

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12:30 PM

Keynote: Too Close for Comfort – AI, Cloud Computing, and Privacy

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, robots, and machine learning are enabled by big data, digital cameras, and cloud computing. These advances open an enormous Pandora’s box in terms of security and privacy. Groundbreaking AI researcher Ken Goldberg will present potential responses, such as a concept for “Respectful Cameras,” a privacy-preserving system for industrial automation.  He will explain why claims of an impending “Singularity” are greatly exaggerated and will propose an alternative, “Multiplicity,” where diverse groups of humans work together with diverse groups of machines to innovate and to solve complex problems.

Audio begins at 14:20

1:15 PM

Government Access

With digital evidence central to an increasing number of criminal and foreign intelligence investigations, government demands for access seem to steadily increase. From varying perspectives, this panel will explore emerging issues in government access to data stored with third parties. 

2:15 PM


2:30 PM

Artificial Intelligence and the Right to an Explanation

The General Data Protection Regulation requires that organizations explain to individuals the logic behind decisions rendered by algorithms. This policy is aligned with growing efforts in the machine learning community to improve the interpretability of outputs. This panel will examine a broad range of efforts to address interpretability and potential biases in complex algorithmic systems.

Eric Horvitz, “Reflections on the Meaningful Understanding of the Logic of Automated Decision-making” [Presentation PDF]

Dr. Andreas Splittinger, “Artificial Intelligence and the Right to an Explanation – A EU Perspective” [Presentation]

3:30 PM

Consent and Contract under EU Data Protection Law

EU privacy regulation continues to have worldwide relevance, especially affecting U.S.-based companies. This session will examine how consumer data can continue to be collected and used given the different approaches in the EU and U.S. to consensual mechanisms for authorizing personal data processing.

Paul M. Schwartz, “Consent and Contract under EU Data Protection Law” [Presentation]

4:30 PM