September 2010 Open Innovation Forum


Chadbourne & Parke LLP Presents Open Innovation Forum

September 29, 2010

Hosted by Berkeley Center for Law & Technology & Chadbourne and Parke LLP in Berkeley, CA at the Bancroft Hotel, 2680 Bancroft Way.

Are you concerned that you are missing opportunities to save costs and accelerate product development by using free and open technologies or crowd sourced expertise? Does your company struggle with how best to structure alliances and share technology with outside partners for business advantage? Do your clients increasingly look to you for guidance on how best to balance their need to protect unique business strengths while strategically opening certain tools, data or platforms to the outside world? If so, then the Open Innovation Forum, to be held on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 in Berkeley CA will provide just the insights you may be looking for!
To help business principals and legal risk managers consider the challenges and opportunities of Open Innovation, Chadbourne & Parke LLP together with the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology will host an interactive workshop to explore this topic from a variety of angles, drawing upon the contributions of leading proponents from policy, academic, law practitioner and business circles. Beyond (but certainly including) Open Source software, the conference will explore the risks and benefits of various Open Innovation models. Featuring precedents and participants from the hardware, communications, software, bio-tech/pharma, consumer product, Internet, financial services and clean tech industries, the objective is to explore how historical and emerging models from various industries may benefit your own enterprise without placing it out of balance. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to enable a more sophisticated understanding of the risk/reward ratios presented by various Open Innovation models, and how risk management initiatives and regulation can be fine tuned to allow organizations to leverage Open Innovation models for business success while minimizing harm to the enterprise and its end users or customers.
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