May 2010 US ITC in Silicon Valley


Event held at the Computer History Museum
May 18, 2010

Over the past 15 years, patent litigation has become a prominent component of dockets in many federal district courts. The Northern District of California has taken a leadership role in confronting the challenges of complex, high-stakes patent adjudication through its Patent Local Rules and model jury instruction projects.  The International Trade Commission has also emerged as a prominent patent adjudication forum under its Section 337 authority.  The ITC’s relatively fast adjudication track and potent remedies have attracted a growing portion of patent disputes in recent years.

This conference will discuss the ITC’s growing role in patent adjudication, its distinctive case investigation practices, and how ITC investigations compare to district court patent litigation.  Patent litigators and in-house counsel will get to hear from many of the ITC’s key personnel and learn first-hand how this important patent enforcement institution functions.

6.25 hours MCLE credit will be available for attendees of the conference.