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The workshop opens with an overview of legal & economic issues surrounding patent pools, patent pool successes in other technologies & applicability of patent pools in health. Panelists include professionals with extensive experience designing pools, an FTC representative and expert on anti-trust considerations for patent pools, a technology access advocate, and an economist with experience in agriculture patent pools.

Lecture Notes:
         – Introduction to Patent Pools
         – Robert Sachs


This presentation focuses on the design and administration of the UNITAID HIV/AIDS Pool, including discussion of financial models and IP management strategies. Panelists include the Senior Advisor to UNITAID on its IP and Medicines Patent Pool, a professor of international health and consultant to UNITAID, and a medical access specialist from Doctors Without Borders.

Lecture Notes:
     – UNITAID HIV/AIDS Patent Pools
     – Ellen ‘t Hoen
     – Emi MacLean    
     – Brook Baker


Pharmaceutical company and academic technology transfer and legal officers discuss potential involvement, including IP contributions, in the UNITAID Pool. A facilitated conversation follows presentations from professionals with extensive histories in antiretroviral medicines. Moderators will solicit input on best practices for academic and industry participation.
Lecture Notes
     – University and Industry Participation  in the UNITAID Pool  
     – Gregg Alton
     – Cale Lennon


The dialogue expands to consider patent pool models aimed at increasing innovation and access to non-HIV therapeutics and diagnostics, specifically by considering proposals for GlaxoSmithKline’s neglected disease medicines patent pool.
Lecture Notes:    
     – Mike Gretes 
     – Anthony So
     – Sherry Knowles
     – Jana Armstrong


Presentations analyze involvement of universities and private life science innovators potential medicines pools. Their comments will be considered by the audience at large to identify obstacles and evaluate potential next steps to expanding patent pools for NDs.

Lecture Notes:
     – University and Industry Participation in ND pools
     – Carol Mimura
     – Joan Herbert  
     – Kathleen McCowin
     – Philip Chase