April 22, 2020 – China: Law, Economy and Trade in 2020 (Session 1) 

  1. Jerome A. Cohen, “Was Helping Build China’s Post-1978 Miracle a Mistake”, forthcoming in Virginia Journal of International Law. (June 2020).
  2. Susan Finder, (two blog posts): Signals in the 2019 Supreme People’s Court Work Report to the NPC (April 22, 2019), and Supreme People’s Court Updates its Belt & Road Policies (Jan. 28, 2020).
  3. Sean Randolph, Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Reconsidering US-China Economic Relations (Dec. 2019).
  4. Mark Cohen, (two blogposts): How to Monitor an IP Trade Agreement with China (Mar 29, 2019) and The Phase 1 IP Agreement: Its Fans and Discontents (Jan. 21, 2020).

May 6, 2020 — The Phase 1 Agreement and Its Implementation (Session 2)

  1. An Interview with Craig Allen, Xinhua Net: Most USCBC members view China-U.S. phase-one trade deal as positive 
  2. Warren Maruyama, Trade truce? United States and China reach Phase One agreement 
  3. Mark Cohen, The Phase 1 IP Agreement: Its Fans and Discontents
  4. Mark Cohen, Trade Wars: A New Beginning?
  5. Wendy Cutler & James Green, Two Months In: Assessing Implementation of the U.S.-China Phase One Trade Deal
  6. Mark Wu, The “China, Inc.” Challenge to Global Trade Governance

May 20, 2020 – Following the Data: What the Latest Research Says about China’s Legal and IP Environment (Session 3)

  1. Mark Cohen, “The Widening Impact of China’s Publication of IP Cases”. (April, 2018). Online at:
  2. Margaret E. Roberts, Benjamin L. Liebman, Rachel E. Stern, Alice Z. Wang, “Mass Digitization of Chinese Court Decisions: How to Use Text as Data in the Field of Chinese Law”, 21st Century China Center Research Paper No. 2017-01, Columbia Public Law Research Paper No. 14-551. (November, 2019). Online at:
  3. Fei Deng and Cunzhen Huang, “A Ten-Year Review of Merger Enforcement in China”, The Antitrust Source. (August, 2018). Online at:

Online Certificate Series

May 27, 2020 – Pharmaceutical IP Issues (Session 1)

  1. He Jing, Nick Liu, “SPC Adopts Dual Standard for Supplementary Data”. (September, 2018)
  2. He Jing, Wu Li, “China Publishes Revised Draft Amendments to the Patent Law”. (February, 2019)
  3. He Jing, Jerry Xia, “Assessing the implications of the US-China Phase One trade deal”. (March 17, 2020)

  4. Tony Chen, “IP Rumble in China: Tony Chen on remdesivir patents controversy”.
  5. Mark Cohen, “CFDA’s New Policies to Promote IP and Innovation in the Pharma Sector”. (May 14, 2017).

  6. Mark Cohen, “China’s ‘Naked Bolar’ and the Tapering Momentum to Protect Innovative Pharmaceuticals”. (September 17, 2019).

June 3, 2020 – Licensing & Antitrust (Session 2)

  1. Hao Yuan, “Antitrust Aspects of ‘Unfairly High Patent Pricing’ for Licensing Transactions in China”. (March 29, 2020)
  2.  Fei Deng, Su Sun, “Determining the FRAND Rate: U.S. Perspectives on Huawei v. InterDigital”. (February 12, 2014)
  3. Mark Cohen, “The Tier is Revised…”. (March 18, 2019).
  4. Statement of Mark A. Cohen before the House Committee on the Judiciary”. (June 7, 2016).
  5. Mark Cohen, “Across the Fault Lines: Chinese Judicial Approaches to Injunctions and SEP’s”. (June 5, 2018).
  6. Mark Cohen, Xiaofan Xu, “Impact of Recent AML Legislation on the IPR/ Antitrust Interface”. (March 12, 2020).
  7. Mark Cohen, “An Unwelcome Addition and A Welcome Subtraction in the Technology Transfer Provisions of the New Civil Code”. “June 1, 2020).

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