Dr. Fei Deng is a Vice President at Charles River Associates (CRA).  She is an economic expert on antitrust and intellectual property analysis in China.  Dr. Deng has testified in a number of Chinese courts in standard essential patent (SEP) cases involving FRAND rate setting and injunctions.  In addition, she has extensive experience working with China’s antitrust agency on both sides of the table in merger reviews and antitrust investigation matters.  Dr. Deng’s work spans many industries, including digital platforms, telecommunications, and various consumer and industrial goods and services.  She is currently an editor of the American Bar Association (ABA) publication Antitrust, and has published extensively both in English and in Chinese on antitrust and IP issues.

Alexander Galetovic is a Senior Fellow at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez en Santiago, a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, a Research Associate at CRIEP (Universities of Padua, Venice, and Verona), and a Visiting Faculty at the Sim Kee Boon Institute of Financial Economics, Singapore Management University.

Galetovic’s current research is about the interplay of intellectual property and antitrust in high technology industries like mobile phones, semiconductors, and autonomous vehicles. During the last 50 years technological progress in information technology has proceeded at unprecedented speed. Yet antitrust authorities see a constant tension between, on the one hand, intellectual property, patents and the right to exclude, and, on the other hand, intense competition. Indeed, in recent years many antitrust authorities around the world have taken the view that strong intellectual property may put competition and technological progress at risk. Galetovic’s research evaluates this tension critically and quantitatively and suggests that the concern of antitrust authorities is unfounded.