Inaugural BCLT-Tsinghua Transpacific IP Scholars’ Conference

May 20-21, 2023

Building upon their solid collaboration in co-hosting transnational IP litigation conferences over the past five years, the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (BCLT) and Tsinghua University School of Law are now proud to announce the launch of the annual Transpacific IP Scholars’ Conference (“TIPS”). The inaugural forum will take place on May 20-21, 2023 in Beijing, and is designed to promote cutting-edge comparative legal studies between US IP law and Chinese IP law.

The TIPS will cover a wide range of topics, including patent law, copyright law, trademark law, unfair competition, antitrust law, privacy, and personal information. Each year, 8-10 scholars worldwide will be selected to present their work in person and receive feedback from attending experts. The conference encourages a diverse range of research methodologies and provides an invaluable opportunity for scholars and policymakers from both sides of the Pacific Ocean to engage in meaningful discourse, explore new ideas, and promote in-depth understanding between two of the world’s leading IP legal systems.

The launch of the annual Transpacific IP Scholars’ Conference is a major milestone in the collaboration between BCLT and Tsinghua University School of Law, in reflection of their mutual vision of “people-to-people” bridge building at a time of difficulty. If you are interested in sponsoring this forum in any format, please feel free to contact Ms. Jann Dudley ( or Dr. Yuan Hao (