Day 1: June 13 — An overview of the Current Environment

Time (All times P.M., PT) Title Speaker(s) Moderator(s)
5:30-5:45 Opening Remarks

Mark Cohen Berkeley Law/BCLT

Cui Guobin, Tsinghua Law

Robert Merges, Berkeley Law/BCLT

5:45-6:30 Statistics and Case Review

Statistical Trends:
Thomas Lunde, Clarivate
Zhang Xuan, IP House

Invalidity/PRB Proceedings:
Phillip Citroen, Paul Hastings
Li Yalin, PRB

Mark Cohen, Berkeley Law/BCLT
6:407:40 Overview of New Trends in Judicial Practices

US Judges:
Chief Judge Clark Cheney, USITC 
Chief Judge James Ware (ret.)

Chinese Judges:
Song Jian, former Judge of Jiangsu High Court
Wang Yanfang, former Judge of Supreme People’s Court

Judge Fogel (ret.), Berkeley Law

Jiang Ge, Tsinghua

7:40-8:00 Discussion/Q&A    


Day 2: June 15 — E-Commerce & Designs / IP Misuse

Time (All times P.M., PT) Title Speaker(s) Moderator(s)
5:30-6:30 E-commerce and Design Protection

CN side:
Wang Xuming, Alibaba
Julie Yu, Nike

Tracy Durkin, Sterne Kessler
Siyue Zhang, Lungtin Law Firm

Feng Shujie, Tsinghua Law
6:40-7:30 Antitrust & IP Misuse in the US and China

Zhang Chenying, Tsinghua

Robert Merges, Berkeley Law/BCLT

Eric Priest, University of Oregon

Richard Rinkema, Microsoft

Zhao Ye, Jingtian Law Firm

Hao Yuan, Berkeley Law/BCLT


Day 3: June 16 — Licensing

Time (All times P.M., PT) Title Speaker(s) Moderator(s)

Non-Patent Licensing: Licensing of all types of copyright, computer games, personality rights, merchandising rights and other IP rights

Annie Hu, Tencent China

Liu Ping, MCSC

Guobin Cui, Tsinghua
Chi-Fei Wang
, Wilson Sonsini

Hong Yan, Tsinghua law

6:50-7:50 High Tech Patent Licensing: Automobile/SEP licensing,
Patent Pool licensing

Shen Chong, Xiaomi

Qudus Olaniran, Avanci

Jorge Contreras, University of Utah
Deng Fei, Charles River Associates
Jiao Shan, Li Fang Law Firm

Robert Merges, Berkeley Law/BCLT
7:50-8:00 Closing Comments

Cui Guobin, Tsinghua Law