Privacy and Cybersecurity Frameworks in China, Europe and the US

China, E-Commerce Law (effective Jan. 1, 2019) (see especially Art. 18 (transparency on profiling); Art. 22 (no abuse of dominant position); Art. 24 (right to delete); Art. 30 (duty to monitor); Arts. 33-34 (TOS transparency and amendment); Arts 38, 41-45 (platform liability and notice and takedown).

China, Cybersecurity Law (effective June 1, 2017), includes:

  • Privacy rules based on OECD/FIPPs principles (Arts. 41-43)
  • Data localization and limits on cross-border transfers for critical information infrastructure operators (Art. 37)
  • Real name identity for users (Art. 24)
  • Security certification for critical network equipment (Art. 23)

California Consumer Privacy Protection Act (operative Jan. 1, 2020)


Cybersecurity: Defining Reasonable Cybersecurity

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China, Personal Information Security Specification (effective May 2018)

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Data Governance and Consumer Privacy under GDPR, APEC, China and US Frameworks

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Enforcement: The Emerging Practice

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