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The Asia IP Project of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology offers a unique forum for Asian and American companies, law firms, academics, trade associations, and government officials to learn about developments in IP law on both sides of the Pacific, exchange views, and develop deeper knowledge on issues of common concern. Its workshops, conferences, luncheons, and other events bring data-driven insight to the complex IP landscape in China and other Asian venues.


Our conferences and workshops bring together practicing attorneys, judges and government officials from throughout the Pacific Rim:

  • Roundtable on IP Developments in Pharma in China – May 30, 2018, Berkeley
    This invitation-only roundtable offered a rare opportunity for experts and stakeholders from China and the US to discuss major reforms in IP protection for pharmaceutical innovation that are under consideration in China, including the establishment of a patent linkage system.

  • US-China IP Dialogue – May 31-June 1, 2018, Berkeley
    BCLT hosted the US-China IP Cooperation Dialogue (sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce), which brought together senior IP experts from the US and China for in-depth discussions on the full range of challenging IP issues.

  • Tech, Trade and China – August 3, 2018, Berkeley
    This invitation-only roundtable, conducted in workshop fashion, with 70 participants from leading tech companies and law firms, including many former government officials, focused on the unique perspective and voice of the tech community, seeking a fact-based analysis of the changing nature of US-China trade. Follow-up work is being planned, with public outcomes.

  • China Town Hall – National Committee for US China Relations  – October 9, 2018, Berkeley
    We will host the webcast presentation by Condoleeza Rice followed by a panel discussion on trade and innovation issues.

  • China SOEs and Corporate Governance Panel Discussion – November 5, 2018, San Francisco
    Photos  |  Video

  • Entity Formation and Funding: Legal Fundamentals for Startups – December 1, 2018, Shenzhen
    Extending the scope of our Startup@BerkeleyLaw project, this one-day event will be aimed at entrepreneurs in China seeking to understand the US venture capital and startup legal framework.

  • Transnational IP Litigation – December 3-4, 2018, Beijing
    A full-day conference, aimed at in-house counsel and law firm attorneys, to enhance their understanding of when and how to litigate on the other side of the Pacific. The Beijing program will focus mainly on litigating in the US; a subsequent US-based session will focus the importance of China in a global litigation strategy.


The Asia IP Project has an ambitious agenda of research and writing. Topics include:
  • The new IP databases in China: Review the content and utility of the new IP-related and legal databases, to serve as an ongoing guide for practitioners and scholars.

  • Foreign patent litigation: Using the newly released Chinese judicial databases, compare win/loss rates and explore trends and themes in Chinese IP litigation, including remedies such as injunctions and the role of licensing.

  • Measuring patent quality.

  • The interface between IP law and antitrust law in China.

  • Patent linkage.

  • Comparing approaches on protection of designs, including use of design patents.

  • Compile a practice-oriented casebook in English on Chinese IP law.

We publish our research through multiple channels, including:

  • This blog, managed by Mark Cohen, is the pre-eminent English language site on developments in Chinese IP law, with articles by academics, students and practitioners.


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