News Stories in 2014

The cyberattack on Sony Pictures made employees collateral damage (12/3/2014)
By Andrea Peterson, The Washington Post

91 Percent of Americans Say Consumers Have ‘Lost Control’ of Online Privacy (11/12/2014)
By Chandra Johnson, Deseret News

City of Seattle Launches Digital Privacy Initiative (11/3/2014)
Ballard News-Tribune

Consent, User Reliance, and Fair Use (10/2014)
By Kevin Hickey, Yale Journal of Law & Technology

Women Leaders in Tech Law: Mallun Yen, RPX Corp. (9/18/2014)
The Recorder

The Potemkinism of Privacy Pragmatism (9/2/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Slate

Authors Alliance Welcomes Its New Executive Director, BCLT Fellow Michael Wolfe (9/1/2014)
The Authors Alliance Blog

Exit, Voice, and the Privacy Paradox (8/4/2014)
By Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Law

Differing Privacy Regimes: A Mini-Poll on Mutual EU – U.S. Distrust (7/22/2014)
By Paul Schwartz, Privacy Association

Symposium: Aereo, Disruptive Technology, and Statutory Interpretation (6/26/2014)
By Peter Menell and David Nimmer, SCOTUSblog

Symposium: Go Ask Alice — What Can You Patent After Alice v. CLS Bank? (6/20/2014)
By Robert Merges, SCOTUSblog

‘Korean Firms Should Pay More Attention to Privacy’ (6/12/2014)
By Yoon Sung-won, The Korea Times

Rethinking Privacy: Though Technology has Outpaced Policy, That’s No Reason to Give Up (6/2/2014)
By Colin Wood, Govtech.com

New Authors Alliance Wants to Ease Some Copyright Rules (5/31/2014)
By Meredith May, SFGate

Ruling on Google Search Highlights Privacy Rift (5/14/2014)
By Noel King, Marketplace

Europe Court Ruling Reboots Web Privacy Rules for Google, Others (5/13/2014)
By Chris O’Brien, LA Times

Much Ado About Copyright’s ‘Making Available’ Right (5/9/2014)
By Peter S. Menell, The Media Institute

Top 12 Entertainment Law Schools for Hollywood (5/6/2014)
By Brandon Kirby, The Hollywood Reporter

Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values (5/1/2014)
Executive Office of the President

An Essay on the Legacy of Chisum on Patents (4/9/2014)
By Robert Merges, BCLT

The Battle for Leadership in Education Privacy Law: Will California Seize the Throne? (3/27/2014)
By Daniel Solove and Paul Schwartz, SafeGov.org

My Dinner with Jan (3/18/2014)
By Christopher Wolf, Privacy Association

FCC Effectively Concedes Defeat on Net Neutrality (2/20/2014)
By James Tuthill

Are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Living Up to Their Promises in China? (1/8/2014)
By Verne Kopytoff, Time

Is Sacramento The World’s Capital of Internet Privacy Regulation? (1/6/2014)
By Eric Goldman, Forbes

From Petraeus Scandal, an Apostle for Privacy (1/5/2014)
By Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times

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