Shoaib Ghias


Year: Advanced to Candidacy (ABD) - JSP


JD, Berkeley Law, 2012
MS in computer science, Wayne State, 2006
BS in computer science & political science, Wayne State, 2003


Shoaib A. Ghias is a PhD candidate at Berkeley Law.


1. Juristic Disagreement: The Collective Fatwā against Islamic Banking in Pakistan, in Karen Hunt-Ahmed, ed., CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC FINANCE (Wiley, 2013), pp. 103-119.

2. Miscarriage of Chief Justice: Judicial Power and the Legal Complex in Pakistan under Musharraf, 35 LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY 4 (2010), pp. 985-1022.

-- Reprinted in Terry Halliday, Lucien Karpik, and Malcolm Feeley, eds., FATES OF POLITICAL LIBERALISM IN THE BRITISH POST-COLONY: THE POLITICS OF THE LEGAL COMPLEX (Cambridge University Press, 2012), pp. 340-377.

3. International Judicial Lawmaking: A Theoretical and Political Analysis of the WTO Appellate Body, 24 BERKELEY J. INT'L L. 2 (2006), pp. 534-553.


Colin B. Picker Paper Prize, American Society of Comparative Law, 2015
Graduate Student Paper Prize, Law & Social Inquiry, American Bar Foundation, 2009

Academic Experiences:

Teaching Fellow, Government, Harvard University, 2006-07
Graduate Student Instructor, Legal Studies, UC Berkeley, 2005-06 & 2007-09


Dissertation Abstract:

Defining Sharīʿa: The Politics of Islamic Judicial Review in Pakistan