Our Students - Profiles

Andrew Brighten


Year: Advanced to Candidacy (ABD) - JSP

Email: andrew.brighten@berkeley.edu


LL.B. & B.C.L. (Gold Medal) - McGill University (2009)
M.A. Economics - Queen's University at Kingston (2005)
Hon. B.A. (Distinction), Economics - Wilfrid Laurier University (2003)

Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Syracuse University (2013)


legal, political, and social theory
emergency jurisprudence and crisis governance
indigenous peoples & law
law & non-human animals


U.C. Berkeley:
- Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study (2009-14)
- Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (2012-2013)
- Jurisprudence & Social Policy Research Stipend (2013)
- Law & Economics Fellowship (2009-2010)

McGill Faculty of Law (selected):
- Aimé Geoffrion Gold Medal (2009)
- Kark Claxton Jr. Memorial Award for highest standing in 3rd year Law (2008)
- Fern Gertrude Kennedy Prize in Jurisprudence (2008)
- Maurice Goldenberg Memorial Scholarship for Constitutional and Public Law (2008)
- Alexander Morris Exhibition Prize for highest standing in 2nd year Law (2007)
- Lord Reading Law Society Prize for highest standing in 1st year Law (2006)

Academic Experiences:

- Aboriginal Peoples and the Welfare of Animal Persons: Dissolving the Bill C-10B Conflict. Indigenous Law Journal, University of Toronto (Volume 10, Issue 1, 2012)
- ‘The Way Ahead’ or The Status Quo? Why National Security Court Proposals Threaten Judicial Independence. DePaul Rule of Law Journal (Fall 2010 Issue)

Conference Presentations:
- Expanding the Limits of Emergency Jurisprudence: Toward a Conceptual Sociology of Emergency and Crisis Governance (Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, 30 May 2015)
- Collective Responsibility via State Personification: Putting Dworkin’s Overlooked Justification of Legal Integrity in Dialogue with Earlier Continental Thought (Yale Law School, Doctoral Scholarship Conference, 14 November 2014)
- Law in Crisis: Beyond Preservative Jurisprudence (Inaugural Conference for Junior Researchers, Stanford Law School, 16-17 May 2014)
- Law and Legitimacy in Crisis: An Empirical Study of a Western U.S. Occupy Movement (Western Empirical Legal Studies Conference, UCLA Law School, 8 March 2014)
- Embracing Contingency: Toward Responsive Emergency Law (Yale Law School, Doctoral Scholarship Conference, 7 December 2013)
- Framing a Legitimation Crisis: A Field Study of a Western U.S. Occupy Movement (Canadian Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 3 July 2013)
- Wildlife Welfare and the Suppression of Indigenous Legality: Examining the Canadian Bill C-10B Debates (Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Honolulu, 8 June 2012)
- Stepping Back from the Brink: Kantian Agency in Post-Holocaust Jurisprudence (Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 4 June 2011)
- Counter-Terrorism as Symbolic Existential (In)Security: Closing the Grey Holes (Law & Society Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, 28 May 2010)

Employment Experiences:

Legal Studies Honors Teaching Fellow, 2014-16
- LS H195A Honors Seminar: co-instructor with Prof. Michael Musheno (Fall 2014)
- LS H195A Honors Seminar: co-instructor with Prof. Lauren Edelman (Fall 2015)

Graduate Student Instructorships:
- Policing & Society (Professor Michael Musheno, Spring 2014)
- Theories of Law & Society (Professor David Lieberman, Spring 2013)
- International Human Rights (Professor Jamie O’Connell, Fall 2012)
- Foundations of Legal Studies (Professor Richard Perry, Fall 2011 & Spring 2012)

- Law Clerk – Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal, Washington D.C. (2009)
- David Reuben Law Clerk – Animal Legal Defense Fund, Cotati, California (2008)