Luke I. Haqq


Year: Advanced to Candidacy (ABD) - JSP


J.D. candidate, University of Minnesota Law School
M.Sc., University of Edinburgh; Philosophy
B.A., Northwestern College (magna cum laude); Philosophy, Linguistics


Bioethics, moral, legal, and political philosophy


Dean's List, University of Minnesota Law School (2014-2015)
Dean's Distinguished Fellowship, University of Minnesota Law School (2014-2017)
Departmental Fellowship, UC-Berkeley (Fall 2013, Spring 2014)
Regents Fellowship, UC-Berkeley (Spring 2013)
Conference Travel Grants, UC-Berkeley (Spring 2012, 2013, 2014)
Dean's Normative Time Fellowship, UC-Berkeley (Fall 2011, Spring 2013)
Edley Public Interest Grant, Berkeley Law (Summer 2010)
Summer Research Grant, UC-Berkeley (Summer 2009)
Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship, UC-Berkeley (Fall 2008 - Spring 2010)
Upper Midwest Human Rights Fellowship, University of Minnesota (Summer 2008)
Eagle Scholar, Northwestern College (2003-2006)
Visiting Student, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University (2005)

Academic Experiences:

Staff Member, Minnesota Law Review (2015-present)
Graduate Student Instructor, LS 151: Law, Self, and Society, Professor Mein Dan Cohen (Fall 2012)
Graduate Student Instructor, LS 109: Aims and Limits of Criminal Law, Professor Richard Perry (Summer 2012; Summer 2013)
Graduate Student Instructor, LS 168: Sex, Reproduction, and the Law, Professor Joan Hollinger (Spring 2012)
Research Assistant, Professor Meir Dan-Cohen, Berkeley Law (Sept.-Dec. 2012)
Research Assistant, Professor Kinch Hoekstra, Political Science Department (Aug.-Dec 2009)
Research Assistant, Professor Justin McCrary, Berkeley Law (June-Aug. 2009)
Associate Editor, Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law (2008-2010)

Employment Experiences:

Legal Project Assistant, Consortium for Law and Values, 2015-present
Law Clerk, Public Health Law Center, Summer 2015
Project Coordinator, Child Protection International, 2010
Project Evaluator, The Center for Victims of Torture, 2008
Paralegal, Mark E. Tracy Law Firm; 2007-2008
Intern for the Hon. Harry Crump, Hennepin County District Court, Fourth Judicial Circuit, 2007

Dissertation Abstract:

I'm writing about the historical development of reproductive autonomy alongside the social and legal norms that regulate it, the ethics of using reproductive technologies to select future children, and the nature of moral obligations to future generations.

Curriculum Vitae