Berkeley Law professors are superb instructors as well as internationally recognized experts in wide-ranging specialties: International law and intellectual property. Environmental law and evidence. Telecommunications policy and torts. Constitutional law, criminal justice, and contracts. Human rights and civil rights. Cyberlaw and social justice. Family law. Antitrust law. And, yes, wine law.

Because teaching is at the heart of this enterprise, we made a strategic decision in 2004 to grow our faculty by 40 percent. Since then, we’ve added 40 stellar scholars to our ranks—enabling us to broaden our academic offerings and to reduce our student-faculty ratio from 18:1 to under 12:1.

We’ve also taken the bold step of creating one of the most robust research programs of any U.S. law school. In addition to teaching in their respective areas of expertise, many of our faculty members are crossing traditional disciplinary divides to tackle some of society’s most complex problems. Since 2004, we’ve established six think tanks, for a total of eight major centers dedicated to developing practical solutions to problems in such broad arenas as the environment, the economy, criminal justice, social justice, sustainable development, health, technology, and race and ethnicity.

Our faculty is packed with ultra-high-achievers. Just read our professors’ profiles and see for yourself. But they’re famously approachable and accessible too. Most look for ways to engage with students outside the classroom—whether by collaborating on a research project or simply mingling over lunch on our sunny deck.