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Publications by Sarah Song


Justice, Gender, and the Politics of Multiculturalism, (Cambridge University Press, 2007)


"The Significance of Territorial Presence and the Rights of Immigrants,", in Migration in Political Theory: The Ethics of Movement and Membership, eds. Sarah Fine and Lea Ypi (Oxford University Press, 2016) - PDF Version (225 Kb)

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Review of Jeff Spinner-Halev’s Enduring Injustice (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Contemporary Political Theory, (forthcoming)

Review of Mika LaVaque-Manty's The Playing Fields of Eton: Equality and Excellence in Modern Meritocracy (University of Michigan Press, 2009), Political Theory, vol. 39, no. 3 (2011)


"Islamic Courts in the UK", The Recorder/Cal Law (2008) - PDF Version (525 Kb)


Immigration and the Limits of Democracy, (book manuscript)

"Rethinking Family in Immigration Law: Beyond Marriage and Blood Ties" (paper)


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