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Publications by David Gamage


Taxation: Law, Planning, and Policy, LexisNexis, 2nd ed. (with Michael Livingston) (2010)


A Framework for Analyzing the Optimal Choice of Tax Instruments, 68 TAX LAW REVIEW (forthcoming)

Analyzing the Optimal Choice of Tax Instruments: The Case for Levying (all of) Labor-Income Taxes, Value-Added Taxes, Capital-Income Taxes, and Wealth Taxes, 68 TAX LAW REVIEW (forthcoming)

Preventing Government Shutdowns: Designing Default Rules for Budgets, 86 COLORADO LAW REVIEW (with David Louk) (forthcoming)

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A Way Forward for Tax Law and Economics? A Response to Osofsky’s “Frictions, Screening, and Tax Law Design”, 61 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 189 (2014)

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Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State ‘Amazon’ Laws: Part 1, 65 STATE TAX NOTES 385 (with Devin Heckman) (2012)

Vendor Compensation as an Approach for State ‘Amazon’ Laws: Part 2, 65 STATE TAX NOTES 459 (with Devin Heckman) (2012)

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A Better Direction for California’s Climate Change Policy, SACRAMENTO BEE (with Mark Gergen) (2014)

How to Avoid Another Shutdown, LOS ANGELES TIMES (with David Louk) (2013)

Health care decision means more work for IRS, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (2012)

ObamaCare's Costs to the Working Class, WALL STREET JOURNAL (2012)

Conversations, TAX NOTES TODAY (2012) - PDF Version (937 Kb)

The Supreme Court’s health care decision and the problem with relying on the taxing power, THE BERKELEY BLOG (2012)