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Publications by Melissa Murray


Whatever Happened to G.I. Jane: Citizenship, Gender and Social Policy in the Postwar Era, 9 Mich. J. Gender & L. 91 (2002) - PDF Version (3.6 Mb)

Strange Bedfellows: Criminal Law, Family Law and the Legal Construction of Intimate Life, 94 Iowa L. Rev. 1253 (2009)

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When War is Work: The G.I. Bill and the Civic Generation, 96 Cal. L. Rev. 967 (2008)

Disestablishing the Family, 119 Yale L.J. 1236 (2010) (with A. Ristroph)

Marriage Rights and Parental Rights: Parents, the State, and Proposition 8, 5 Stan. J. C.R.-C.L. 357 (2009).

Marriage as Punishment, 112 Colum. L. Rev. 1 (2012)

Made With Men in Mind, in Feminist Legal Theory: Women's Agency and the Law, (T. Boisseau & T. Thomas, eds. forthcoming 2011).

I���d Like to Thank the Academy: Duncan Kennedy, CLS, and the Reproduction of Hierarchy , Journal of Legal Education, 55 J. Legal Ed. 65 (2005) - PDF Version (65 Kb)


Should Job Creation Favor Men? , San Francisco Chronicle, May 19, 2009, at A11 (with D. Rosenblum).

The Private Life of Criminal Law, Criminal Law Conversations (eds. P. Robinson, S. Garvey & K. Ferzan) (2009) - PDF Version (19 Kb)