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Publications by Jamie O'Connell


Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Special Court: A Citizen's Handbook, with Paul James-Allen and Sheku B.S. Lahai (2003) - PDF Version (1 Mb)


"Common Interests, Closer Allies: How Democracy in Arab States Can Benefit the West", 48 Stanford Journal of International Law 341 (2012) - PDF Version (1.78 Mb)

"Gambling with the Psyche: Does Prosecuting Human Rights Violators Console Their Victims?", 46 Harvard International Law Journal 295 (2005) - PDF Version (316 Kb)

"Here Interest Meets Humanity: How to End the War and Support Reconstruction in Liberia, and the Case for Modest American Leadership", 17 Harvard Human Rights Journal 207 (2004) - PDF Version (262 Kb)


"Empowering the Disadvantaged after Dictatorship and Conflict: Legal Empowerment, Transitions and Transitional Justice", in Legal Empowerment: Practitioners' Perspectives 113 (Stephen Golub ed.) (2010) - PDF Version (226 Kb)

"Applying R2P Principles to Past Conflicts: East Timor 1999", in The Responsibility to Protect: Moving the Campaign Forward 67 (UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, Religion, Politics and Globalization Program & International Human Rights Law Clinic, eds.) (2007) - PDF Version (702 Kb)