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Publications by Laurel E. Fletcher


Refracted Justice: The Imagined Victim and the International Criminal Court, in Contested Justice: The Politics and Practice of International Criminal Court Interventions (Christian De Vos, Sara Kendall, Carsten Stahn, Cambridge Univ. Press, Dec. 2015) - PDF Version (152 Kb)

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The Guantanamo Effect: Exposing the Consequences of U.S. Detention and Interrogation Practices (2009)

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Working Paper: International and Domestic Laws Relating to IDP and Refugee Men in Uganda (2013) (co-editor) - PDF Version (623 Kb)

Comparative Analysis of the Practice of Precautionary Measures Among International Human Rights Bodies (2012) (co-editor) - PDF Version (202 Kb)

Sexual Diversity in El Salvador: A Report on the Human Rights Situation of the LGBT Community (2012) (editor) - PDF Version (1.1 Mb)

Victims’ Right to a Remedy: Awarding Meaningful Reparations at the ECCC (2011) (co-editor) - PDF Version (358 Kb)

In the Child’s Best Interest? The Consequences of Losing a Lawful Immigrant Parent to Deportation (2010) (co-editor) - PDF Version (601 Kb)

Truth Behind Bars: Colombian Paramilitary Leaders in U.S. Custody (2010) (co-editor) - PDF Version (4.1 Mb)

Guantanamo and Its Aftermath: U.S. Detention and Interrogation Practices and Their Impact on Former Detainees (2008) - PDF Version (1.95 Mb)

After the Tsunami: Human Rights Vulnerabilities of Vulnerable Populations (2006) - PDF Version (1.08 Mb)

Rebuilding After Katrina: A Population-Based Study of Labor and Human Rights in New Orleans (2006) - PDF Version (2.21 Mb)

Unwelcome Guests: A Study of Expulsions of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian Descent from the Dominican Republic to Haiti (2002) - PDF Version (562 Kb)

NGO Participation at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women: Report on Barriers to Access, with Recommendations for Change (1996)


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Blood and Vengeance by Chuck Sudetic, 21 Hum. Rts. Q. 545 (1999) - PDF Version (1.66 Mb)