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Publications by Avani Mehta Sood


Cognitive Cleansing: Experimental Psychology and the Exclusionary Rule, forthcoming, 103 Georgetown Law Journal (2015)

Motivated Cognition in Legal Judgments: An Analytic Review, 9 Ann. Rev. L. Soc. Sci. 307 (2013) - PDF Version (176 Kb)

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Gender Justice through Public Interest Litigation: Case Studies from India, 41 Vand. J. Transnat'l L. 833 (2008) - PDF Version (487 Kb)


Failure to Deliver: Violations of Women's Human Rights in Kenyan Health Facilities (with Elisa Slattery and Claris Ogangah), Center for Reproductive Rights (2007) - PDF Version (272 Kb)

Litigating Reproductive Rights: Using Public Interest Litigation and International Law to Promote Gender Justice in India, Center for Reproductive Rights (2006) - PDF Version (886 Kb)


Aggressive Interrogation and Retributive Justice: A Proposed Psychological Model (with Kevin Carlsmith), in J. Hansen, ed., Ideology, Psychology, and Law 574-604 (2012) - PDF Version (1.08 Mb)